Mancat Monday ~ Socks

I have decided to strut my senior cat stuff so beans can see how interesting us more mature cats can be. Here I am soaking up some rays in the barn. I really love hanging out in the barn and will miss it when Daddy tears it down. It has been falling apart since Katrina. Mommy is terrified one day the barn is going to fall down on me.

I often give the guy beans advice when they play Halo. I am a very good strategist. 

Napping in my Daddy's chair and dreaming of my sweetheart MoMo. Notice how I place my front paw over my hind leg. I wonder how many beans are that limber?


  1. We just LOVE yoor noo YELLOW header! Fanks so much for supporting LIVESTRONG wiv us!

    And we agree, yoo are very limber and shud strut yoor senior cat stuff more often!

  2. What great pictures! You are very limber indeed!

  3. That is a great post Socks - very mancatly!

  4. We're impressed with your great moves! You're super limber!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. hi sweet Sockies. what a helpful mancat you are. sorreh to hear you will be losing your barn hangout, but it is better than having it go to pieces literally on you.

  6. Socks, Your senior cat stuff is pretty studly! MoMo is a lucky LadyCat. Meeeeooow!

    pee ess: Mommy says she is not that limber.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of the hangout. =(


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