Fenris Friday

 Mommy says I have an expressive face. I am practicing my inquisitive look.

 My bored look.

 Let's go down to the butterfly garden. I like to practice my looks in different locations.

 My sophisticated look.

 My man about town look.

 Do you thinks I will impress the GIRLS?

 Are you impressed Ciara?

 My hopeful look.

 OK, I has to chase that BLIMP thing off now. It flies awful low. 

 I think it is gone now.

 Don't come back BLIMP!

 I found a lizard. Scylla taught me how to catch them. 

 I will give it to Scylla .............

If I can find it.


  1. You've got the handsome look down pat!

  2. OK, where do we send the treats???

  3. I am suppose to get treats for modeling? MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Fenris

  4. You are the most handsome woofie Fenris!

  5. Be still, my heart. You not only have an expressive face, dear Fenris - but you are just so very handsome.

    Woos, Ciara

  6. Fenris you are quite the handsome doggie!!! sooo distinguished!!

    Your tail looks like a Sheltie tail!


  7. Awww wow Fenris!! You are a very handsome and incredibly gorgeous and expressive doggie! Me and Charlie just love your eyes -truly amazing eyes!!!

    We just know Ciara will be most impressed!!

    Take care

  8. I Know Ciara will be impressed. How could she help butt be??? You have super faces fur all occasions.

  9. Fenris, any which way, yoo look adorable and handsome!

  10. Fenris, you have all of your looks perfect! You are very handsome!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  11. The Man about Town just about knocked Mommy over! Fenris, you Da Man.

  12. What a khanine of many handsome and expressive looks!


  13. Fenris with all yor looks you look just gorgeous. For a woofie that is..You looked like you were having lots of fun.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. OMC Fenris, you are making Grete go a wee bit crazy!

  15. We love all of your expressive faces.


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