Fenris is ready for Mardi Gras

 Fenris is ready for Mardi Gras.................................

Let the Good Times Roll!!!!!

Be sure to come see us tomorrow for some Mardi Gras FUN!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW! Do we hafta dress up or anything?

  2. The great thing about Mardi Gra is you can dress up or not. Anything and everything goes...................

  3. Fenwis
    you look fantastic!!!!
    I can't wait fow the fun to stawt!!!!seeing all my good fwiends, good food , good dwinkies and lots of mawdi gwas fun!!!
    wooo hooo
    smoochie kisses

  4. You look wonderful Fenris!!!

  5. Yeah, we've been ready too. And it's finally here.


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