Thursday in the Garden

Gracie decided to spend some time with us relaxing and enjoying our lovely Spring weather.  I asked her if she would like to tour the garden with me and help me with the gardening post for the Society of Feline Gardeners meeting, and she agreed to help me. She was very interested in learning about all our flowers.

This is the Forsythia. Forsythia is a very large spreading shrub that belongs to the olive family. Ours doesn't get very big probably because it is planted in the shade and it would do better in full sun. It seems to be very hardy. Gracie liked the pretty yellow flowers.

Mom's Kalanchoe, she had it in the greenhouse but once it started blooming she brought it up to the house to share with everyone.  Her yellow one is blooming too but it is still in the greenhouse.

Clover growing wild in our yard. Mommy says we should look for a clover with four leaves and it will bring us good luck.

Carolina Jessamine, it is doing very well in the bed at the Hummingbird Cottage and we has some growing wild in our yard too.

A pretty white violet growing in the yard.

They have made a carpet next to the woods, I thinks they are very pretty and Gracie agrees with me.

We are very excited this is the first year our Flowering Quince has bloomed. It will produce fruit for the birds to eat. Be careful though it will stick you.

I hopes you enjoyed seeing all the flowers. Drop by Jonesie's to find more feline gardens.
~Artemisia & Gracie


  1. Hello there lovely Gracie and beautitul Artemesia!! Thank you for showing me and Charlie round your beautiful garden too!!! The carpet of white violents are just stunning!!! We hope you find many four leaf clovers to bring you luck!!

    Take care

  2. We enjoyed the tour round your garden - it is a very pretty one.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Very nice of you to share your garden tour with Gracie, Artemisia. We always learn something new here, we didn't know that the forsythia was related to the olive tree.

    Good luck finding those four leaf clovers.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Hey there Gracie! We just love seeing kitties visiting each other, especially in the garden. Your garden is a lovely place where we can enjoy the flowers and the sunbeams, even when it's bucketing down rain here at home.

  5. I LOVE learning new thingys... I had no idea that forsythia was in the Olive family!!

  6. Gracie and Artemesia, lovely ladies in the garden!!

    We are so fortunate to have this wonderful garden tour from you ladies!

  7. Gracie is getting a great garden tour Artemesia, and it's looking good!!!

  8. Oh we love going out into the garden, especially if there are birdies near by. Your mommy takes such beautiful photos of you and your sibling...We look forward to seeing more of your garden and our mommy wants to take pictures of us in our garden now, although she's just learning how to take pictures.

    Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and introducing yourselves. We love making new friends.

    And our mommy thinks that Fenris is a wonderful name for a doggie, like Loki's very own dog. Our mom wants to get a dog too, but we told her, that we'd have to approve it first.

    Our mommy is letting us have our own giveaway, so if you'd like to see it, please stop by again.
    Miss Bella and Sele

    The Year of the Cats


  9. That is quite lovely. The Woman misses the forsythia as it is not as common here as it is in the PDX area and she always liked that in the spring.

  10. Thank you for the lovely garden tour. You have such nice flowers in bloom already! The kalanchoe, forsythia, and quince are very colorful! And we had never seen a white violet before.

  11. We are so glad everyone enjoyed the garden tour. Please stay as long as you like and enjoy the flowers.

  12. Regarding your question at our blog about growing crocuses in MS... I found a table that says they will naturalize in zones 3-8. If you are in the zone 7 part of MS, you should be safe. If in the zone 8 half in a really warm Winter, they should survive but might not bloom that Spring. I would suggest planting "a few" and see what happens. They like to stay dry in Summer.

  13. What lovely flowers. I'm glad Gracie enjoyed her time with you.

  14. your flowers are lovely! I loved seeing Gracie there visiting!
    I love forsythia's because I have always heard that they are the first bush to bloom when Spring is coming! We had them growing up when I lived in Pittsburgh

  15. We did, indeed, enjoy the tour. It's always lovely to wander the gardens with you, Artemisia... and so nice of you to share with Gracie.

  16. Hello Artemisia,
    How Lovely Gracie stayed for a visit ^..^ , Maybe she learn how to Garden alittle ...... We can't wait to warm up like you. Happy Gardening~
    *Hugz* from Penelope
    Purrrz & Kissez~ from All


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