Thursday in the Garden

This is our next door neighbor's Chinese Witch Hazel, we wanted you to see what ours would look like once it gets bigger. A lot of people wanted to know why Grandma was nicknamed Witch Hazel. Well her name is Hazel and when she was in school there was a popular astringent called Witch Hazel. She also has black hair like Mommy, so the other students nicknamed her Witch Hazel.

Our Trumpet Honeysuckle it is also called Coral Honeysuckle. It is native to Mississippi.

The white Wisteria.

The purple Wisteria.

Our Butterfly Bush that Mommy just planted.

Our Chines Witch Hazel. Mommy was afraid it wasn't going to bloom this year, but it has blooms on it now.

The Charybdis Bed. Our Rosemary is doing very nicely, it stayed green all winter.

The Rooster Violets.

The Verbena.

The Whiskers' Bed.

Wildflowers, in other words Mommy needs to weed this bed.

Our pink Spirea, it survived the winter. We are very happy, we hopes it will bloom this year.

The Carolina Jasmine

Visit Jonesie's garden here.


  1. The blooms are all beautiful. Fanks for sharing them.

    Love Alfie xx

  2. Awwww your Grandma sounds like a beautiful and magical woman!! Yay!!

    Me and Charlie love your garden!!! What beautiful bushes and fragrant blooms - wisteria, witchhazel, rosemary.. lovely!!! Even the wildflowers are gorgeous! :-)

    Thanks for sharing and showing us around your lovely garden! Take care

  3. Bootiful!
    The ZH says her weeds are her flowers... she is too embarrased to ever show them on Thursday in the Garden Day.

  4. We never tire of seeing all the pretty blooms in your garden. Love the color of that witch hazel. And the honeysuckle is so delicate and pretty. Bet it has a sweet smell.

    Thanks for sharing the story about Grandma and her nickname but we bet there wasn't anything witchlike about her.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Oh what a beautiful yard you have. I love seeing it as it changes.

  6. I am always so amazed and impressed that the beauty in your garden!

  7. ::3 paw taps::
    What a beautiful garden! Me LOVES it!
    Kisses and headbutts

  8. You definitely have one of the loveliest gardens around!

  9. We think a neighbor has a witch hazel. It looked like your picture last year. But it isnt bloomin this year yet, so we cant be sure.

    All the flowers in yer yard look so nice!

  10. We think you garden is looking gorgeous!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  11. Alasandra, your garden is so much fun! I remember Witch Hazel from my childhood and I believe it is still around. Great story about Grandma!

    Loved the wildlife post and please thank Artemisia for introducing us to the rescue.


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