Fenris Week 3 ~Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge with Arty Mouse

 I have been telling Arty Mouse how good the Eukanuba dog food is. She is the only one of the cats that hasn't eaten it. Mommy says the cats shouldn't eat my dog food because it isn't formulated for cats. Eukanuba makes a cat food that would be good for them, so maybe one day they can try it.  She hasn't figured out how to stop Socks and Scylla from eating my dog food though. She picks it up when I am outside and puts it on top of the refrigerator, I has to remind her to get it down for me when I come in, but those sneaky cats eat it with me in the same room as them. I scared Socks good the other day. See I was sleeping and he was eating my food, well he makes so much racket when he eats he woke me up and I walked up REAL QUIET and touched his butt. You should have seen him flying out of the dining room. Pity there isn't a picture especially the part where he turned around and GLARED at Mommy cause she was laughing so hard at him. 
 Arty says I wasn't very nice, she scolded me good. I is very sorry I was bad Arty Mouse. Please offer my apologies to Socks, but would you ask him to stop eating my food.

 This is what the dog food looks like. It is smaller then my normal kibble and much easier for the cats to eat. It annoys me a little bit, see I likes to get a piece of kibble in my mouth walk over to my rug and lay down and chew on it for awhile, then get up and get another one. These are so small it isn't worth the bother carrying them over to my rug so I just has to stand there and eats them. I tried carrying a mouthful over to my rug to eat at my leisure but that just made a mess and annoyed the Mom.

 For some strange reason Mommy thinks I should stand at my bowl and eat anyway.

Well that's all I has to say, I am going to let Mommy answer some questions while I eats. ~Fenris

Third Week
  • Are you noticing physical changes to your dog? Improved muscle tone? Since Fenris is a young dog in the peak of health I haven't noticed any dramatic changes.
  • Is your dog more active? Does he have more energy on runs/walks? Fenris is exhibiting more energy.
  • How is your dog’s coat, nails, eyes, ears and teeth while eating Eukanuba? Great!!! He looks awesome.
  • Has your dog’s breath improved since feeding Eukanuba? His breath does smell better and I have to admit Socks & Scylla's breath smells better too.
Today is our Grandma Hazel's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


  1. Cats eating dog food?! Well, it must have something nice about it then!

  2. Awwww me and Charlie are sure wonderful Socks has forgiven you now lovely Fenris cos you are just so so so so so gorgeous! Great to see you looking so well with the diet!

    Hello there beautiful Artemisia! Take care

  3. Your kibble looks yummy. We would try to sneak some too.
    Happy Birthday to your Grandma.

  4. I don't mind sharing my food with cats but it would be nice if you would play with me too. Scylla & Socks steal my foods but they won't play with me. At least Socks will sit by me sometimes if I am still. Scylla still gets all hissy and puffy around me. ~Fenris

  5. That would have made such a great pic, Fenris. Hey, can't those cats get up on top of the fridge- be careful, you just can't trust them.

    Phantom likes to eat like that too. Maybe Mom could put down a small scatter rug just for you and your kibble.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. I am happy you are enjoying that food handsome Fenris! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!!

  7. Great review Fenris. Good job scaring that Socks a little bit. A really big Happy Birthday to your Grandma. We hope she has a great day and many more of them. Take care.

  8. We've never had woofie kibble, but we love kibble so much, and hardly get any at home, that we'd probably eat yours too, we hate to admit.

    Happy birthday to your Grandma Hazel!

  9. BaaaaWaaaah Fenris I REALLY wish I could have been there to see you touch Sock's Butt and Scare him like that.. I am sure it was a REAL Tail Thrasher fur sure. BOL BOL

    My mom says that eating Eukanuba makes my breff smell... grrrreat.
    Butt guess what.. once we got Ernie (slowly) switched from Iams Puppy to Eukanuba Puppy.. his DELICIOUS PUPPY BREFF totally disappeared too. and fur SOME reason my mom was SAD about THAT.

  10. Ewwwww! We couldn't eat dog food!!! MOL!

  11. Jenna and Sissy12/09/2011 10:35 AM

    That small kibble is why the kitties are eating it. We like anything that is different! We are glad you like the food, but it is odd the kibbles are so small for a dog.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Yeah--dog food generally doesn't have enough fat for cats for the long term.

  13. Socks is going to think twice before eating your food, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. We thought the small kibble was odd especially as Fenris is a LARGE dog but Mommy checked the bag and it is for large breeds.

    Actually the cats ate my LARGE kibble too, it just took them longer ~Fenris

  15. Scylla is the only one that gets on top of the fridge and she hasn't done it since she gained so much weight, so she may no longer be able to jump up there. ~Fenris

  16. I am sorry, but I'm laughing so hard at the sneak up on the kitty eating your food! How I wish that was on video!

  17. Great review, Fenris! We are glad you are enjoying that food so much. :)

  18. Happy Birthday Grandma!

    Glad you like your food.

  19. Well, WE love our Eukanuba cat kibble, (and just had some canned food from them today which we also loved)! Mebbe if the cats had that, they wouldnt bother YOUR kibble Fenris...

  20. Happy Birthday to your Granda!

    Glad to see the 2 cats are benefiting from good breath while stealing Fenris' food. :)

  21. That sure is a lot of dog food to eat my friend, do you need some help? :)


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