Pick of the Litter with "The American Pickers" Sunday March 11

On Sunday, March 11, Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter  will have a group of adoptable animals at the Gautier Antique Fair to be held at the Old Place, 2800 Oak Street.   The TV show, “The American Pickers” which airs on the History Channel will be there filming, and Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter will be there with their “Pick of the Litter”, hopefully many pets will find their forever homes.

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  1. We Love those two PICKER guys. I can't WAIT to see the segment when it airs.

  2. WE sure hope you two and many of the others find some good homes. You two sure look like you would make some family very happy. Take care.

  3. We sure hope lots get picked for a forever home!


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