Thursday in the Garden with Toad

 The Rooster Violets are still looking nice, they are a type of Pansie.

 OK, lets head down to the butterfly Garden for awhile.

 Our Azalea in full bloom.
 The Wisteria, I just loves it.

 The Verbena, Mommy you really need to finish weeding the flowerbed! Good help is so hard to find.

 The Quince.
 The Butterflies and Bumblebees are back.

Some wildflowers we likes. We just love their purple blooms.

The Rooster Violet with some yellow Violets, aren't they pretty together.

Another wildflower.

And yet another one, it is kinda of coral colored. Mommy didn't get a good picture of it as it is very little. It is growing in with the Verbena and Mommy saw it when she was weeding.

I'll try to make Mommy look up the name of this shrub, it is in our Mississippi Wildflowers Book.

Fetter-Bush aka Lyonia lucida Lam.) Koch

Nice view of the Hummingbird Cottage from the Butterfly Garden.

Wildflowers, you can't tell but I is happy to report the Pink Spirea is still alive. Mommy needs to weed around it ASAP.  As you can tell it isn't doing well.

This shrub is a great place for bird watching. You can lay under it and they comes right up to you.

OK, back to the Hummingbird Cottage, iffn any of you needs to take a break feel free to recline on our comfy chaise lounger. The Carolina Jessamine still blooming.

The Gold Flame Honeysuckle is a mass of blooms, I can't wait till they pop open. They starts off this pretty shade of pink, when they opens up they has a yellow inside.

Looks I found a toad, they are smarter then lizards they don't scurry around so it is harder for me to find them when they are still since they blends in with the rocks so well. Plus it isn't fun to chase something that isn't moving.

The lizards hang out here, they are fun to chase.

I am going to get you lizard.................

Smart Stupid toad still isn't moving.

Purple violets, Mommy loves these, they grew at her house when she was little.

More Wisteria, these are planted up by the house in the front yard.

The Bougainvillea. Mommy is going to try to get it to grow up the wall like it does in San Diego.

Chinese Witch Hazel, back in the Butterfly Garden. I know I know I am making you walk back and forth but it is good exercise.

Mommy had to go get this out of the Greenhouse, we thinks it is a Trumpet Vine. Mommy dug it up next to one.

She raised the bed up so it wouldn't drown when it rained. So far it has worked.

I talked Mommy into taking a close up of the toad for us to enjoy. He was a purrty reddish brown color. ~Arty Mouse reporting to the Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. Beautiful Artemisia! Thank you for a truly wondeful tour around your lovely garden!! We think the blooms are looking wonderful - esp the quince blossoms!! They're stunning!!

    We are so delighted to see Mr Toad too!!

    Take care

  2. Beautiful! I love that azalea!

  3. I ENJOYED walking all around with you. The White Wisteria is LOVELY. It really blooms FULL. Your toad is super. He has his leg stretched out there.

  4. Mr. Toad is pretty handsome, for a toad.

    Just how many acres do you guys have, anyway? Your property always seems so huge to us.

    As always, we love your garden tours!

  5. P.S. Happy Easter weekend to you all!

  6. What a lovely garden! Your mommy certainly has a lot to weed. What an unusual colored toad...ours are dark gray. He's smart to not move:)

  7. Look at how your garden is coming along!

  8. That was a fun and very pretty tour!

  9. Beautiful tour! We just LOVE spring!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  10. Thanks fer the great tour of yer garden! You have so many lovely plants bloomin. Even the wildflowers look good.


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