Tabby Tuesday

The Azalea is confused it isn't suppose to be blooming now.

Our Camilla is looking lovely. It blooms in the Fall/Winter.

The pineapple sage is still blooming along with the Rosemary.

The Bottlebush is blooming.

Scylla is sitting in the chair with Mommy.

I am enjoying the warm rocks.

Although it would be more enjoyable if Mommy would stop taking pictures.

Yikes, it looks like Eldest Boy Bean is walking Fenris.

I wonders if the chaise lounge is big enough for Scylla, Fenris & Mommy? ~Socks


  1. Yay for warm rocks!! We too hope the chaise lounge is big enough for all of you! Take care

  2. We're envious of your warmth and blooms! Enjoy the day!

  3. You all sure look terrific today!

  4. Every photos are beautiful.
    I love cats and flowers!

  5. Oh hi Sclla...waves paw for Socks...and Fenris. I have some really cool plants and flowers to share today from Dad and Moms trip to Cabo, Mexico. Come by and take a peek later. Paw pats, Savannah

  6. Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Alasandra.

    Your blog is so pretty. Sorry we're first visiting after meeting you as a result of a sad occasion.

    From your lovely photos, looks like you may live in the tropics too! We live in S. Florida and have bottle brush, pineapple sage and have seen the other items...

  7. your day looks soooooooo warm and lovely!

  8. Bet those rocks are nice and warm from the sun
    Benny & Lily

  9. Oh my, those nice warm rocks look GOOD! The flowers too...

  10. Is there room on there for me to?

  11. Mommy shouldn't stop taking pictures! The pictures are too pretty and the kitties in them are too purrty ... we'd miss 'em.


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