Who Dat Wednesday

I get really cold so I like to stay covered up when it is cold.

For some reason the cats think it is hilarious that I sleep in here. They keep meowing something about litterbox, whatever that means.

I want Tuiren to play with me, but she says NO a lot.

I found something yummy on the floor.

I wonder what else I can find.

Tuiren dropped her dog treat.

I think she likes me.

I sure do like her a lot.

I like to climb on her.

Do you think she likes me?

Sometimes she says bad words to me.

Especially when I keeps sniffing her butt.

Do you like ME? ~Mr Who


  1. that's a cool place - I think we need a large basket too here ;o)

  2. We're not sure if we'd like you close up, because we've only had unpleasant, high-prey dogs around us before (former neighbours and one current one). But we think you're adorable all the same, and our human was oohing and aahing over those first two pics. :-)

  3. We don't mind you on your blog but we wouldn't want you sniffing our butts!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. hmmm... this all seems to be down to a matter of viewpoint! But then it always does! Happy to meet you, looking forward to more adventures!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  5. Great place to play = the sweet home!

  6. Of COURSE we like you.
    You and Ernie would get along GRRRRREAT.... He is a butt sniffer and a jumper and stuffs like that TOO.

  7. You are just too sweet...and mom says she loves your colouring.

    Wally & Sammy

  8. Mr. Who, we think you're adorable and definitely all puppy.

    Does Tuiren think you could use a puppy obedience class--probably!

  9. BOL just keep attacking Tuiren will give in
    Benny & Lily

  10. Oh Mr. Who! You is way toooo funny! BOL. You is a sassy little thing, aren't you?!

    If we met on the street, I would probably give you 'the what for!'. But I'd secretly like you... BOL!!

    Your (secret) pal,

    Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz

  11. You are adorable!

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. My mom thinks you are cute, but we both don't want you upsetting turien since she just got this lovely new family!

  13. We like you lots!!!! Of course we don't have to live with you and we don't have your nose up our cute little behinds. MOL!

  14. There is nothing better than a basket of clothes to keeps yous cwarm!


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