Saturday Sharing

What do these things have in common?

Here is a better picture, now can you guess???

They are all __________________. 

Kaleidoscopes. Mr & Mrs Santa came to live with us in 2011 when we won them at an Auction for Blueberry. Sadly we learned that Blueberry has recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  We always thought of her when we got Mr. & Mrs Santa out, so when Mommy decided to put all the kaleidoscopes including them on this shelf, we thought of her and went to visit her blog. We were so sad to learn she had made the journey to The Rainbow Bridge.

The egg with the marbles and the blue one came from San Diego. Daddy got them for Mommy at a shop he likes to visit, called Designs in Shells. He also got Mommy a blue egg Christmas ornament from there, but it isn't a kaleidoscope.


  1. We are sorry to hear about your friend. We think your collection is beautiful! We love little things like that!

  2. I like Kaleidoscopes very much. I feel sorry for Blueberry, why we can't live forever...

  3. We would NEVER have guessed that they were kaleidoscopes !! They are super. Just like COLORFUL snowflakes... you never see the same thingy twice with them.


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