Wemembering Wednesday

Before Maverick went to the Rainbow Bridge he and Tuiren were planning to attend a Halloween Ball. They had already gotten their costumes and posed for a portrait. We wanted to share their portrait with you.

Today is also our Daddy's birthday, and we wants to wish him a Happy Birthday !!!!!!

We Loves You
Socks, Scylla, Tuiren, Fenris
and Mom Alasandra


  1. Happy birthday to your dad! What fab costumes - hug!

  2. We think Pre-Bridge pictures are always OK. What happens while still in our world is real at the time. Maverick's pictures are awesome.

    And Happy Birfday to yer Dad!

  3. ((((Hugs)))) and Happy Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  4. That's a very beautiful portrait. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad! You get him any nip?


  5. Awww, lots of hugs and a very happy birthday to your dad!

    Thanks for the comment: Yes, I've got a PTU in Derry's room and I'm making a cosy nook on the bottom shelf of a built-in bookcase, though he'll likely hide elsewhere. The rooms are very small, though, and the one I want to put him in has no closet--but it's slightly further away from the noise.

    Nicki will go into another room, because he'll be yeowling and be frantic to get OUT, and I think that will only upset Derry further.

  6. That is a wonderful portrait.

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy

    The Paw Relations

  7. Pawsome Halloween costume picture of Maverick and Tuiren :)

    Happy Birthday to your daddy!

  8. We think it is WONDERFUL that ANGEL Maverick is still with us.


  9. I truly love seeing them in their costumes and I am grateful they dressed and posed for us all. We love both of them and Maverick, you are in all of our hearts sweet one.

    Happy Birfday to your Daddy!

  10. Great Halloween portrait! Happy Birthday to Daddy!

    cats of wildcat woods

  11. Happy Birthday to the Dad!!

  12. happee birthday two yur dad guys...best fishes, mice cream dishes N happee day wishes...hope he getz lotz oh cake, pie, donuts and 2014 FURRareez car in dark bloo !!!

  13. That is a great picture! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to your super wonderful Daddy!

  14. Very sad about Maverick but we think it is kind and loving to post that beautiful photo of him and Tuiren.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. That portrait is wonderful, and a nice way to remember sweet Maverick.

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

  16. Oh thank you for the Picture of Maverick and Tuiren!! It is great!! We miss Maverick lots!! Mom is out of town and will be back soon!! Thanks also for the wedding Blog!! I can hardly wait to get ready!
    Love and hugs,
    Samantha and Clementine

  17. So sad about Maverick, but glad he was able to be part of howl-o-ween all the same xxx


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