Thursday in The Garden

Our Garlic is blooming, it looks really nice now that Mommy weeded. It is suppose to keep pest away from the roses. The bees and butterflies seem to like it too.

Our neighbor gave it to us. He went to the Rainbow Bridge last winter, we are very sads about it.

The Yellow Bells look magnificent, they even have seed pods this year. We saw a Hummingbird drinking from the flowers the other day.

Our Confederate Rose, it's actually a Hibiscus, Humans sure have a weird way of naming plants.

The Candle Bush, the bees and birds just LOVE IT.

Butterfly weed.

The yard looks so nice when Daddy is home to tend to it. Now Mommy needs to get busy and weed the flower beds.

~Socks & Scylla reporting for ATCAD


  1. So pretty. Roses and garlic are a good match. Bad smell, good smell.

  2. Dang, everything looks so pretty!

  3. Wow, your garden is still so beautiful! Ours is all brown and needing to be made ready fur winter...sigh...

  4. Wow what a gweat gawden. Evewyfin' here is stawtin' to die. Hav a gweat day.

    Luv ya'


  5. guys....thiz bee a grate month for growin garlic two coz therz all ways vam pirez out at howl o ween time !!

  6. your garden is looking way better than ours for sure. I cannot thank you enough for not giving up on me as I have been a lousy visitor of a year now...I will, promise, get better...wish I was like Dorothy and snap my white socks together and have visited all my pals...sigh

  7. Your pets are paying waaayyy more attention to your gardening. Our dogs just run passed everything including the bunnies that have adopted us this spring. Our kitties just want to eat grass-go figure! tee-hee

  8. Your garden sure looks nice. Not much blooming around here any more.


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