Tuiren Tuesday

Mommy thinks it is disgusting that I likes to roll on top of dead things. We has a dead lizard here.

I likes the smell so I rolls and rolls on top of it.

Do you roll on top of dead things?

Mommy made me stop and threatened me with a bath.

I do not think this was fair. I went to look for the lizard when she went in the house, but..................

it was gone. I thinks my Mommy stole it. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I love to roll...on dead things like snakes, and frogs and once a whole decomposing carcass of a groundhog. That was such perfect perfume fur a pup, BOL!
    Deer doo-doo is another great thing to roll in...

    Your rolling technique is superb!

  2. A dead lizard sounds like some glorious rolling material, T. I like to roll in goose poop (when I'm not trying to eat it). Since I'm always on a leash, Mom is usually quick enough to pull me away before anything glorious happens.... Darn it!

    Love and licks,

  3. Mommy won't let me out but who KNOWS what I would roll on if only she would. I know SHE wouldn't but that's HER problem. Me, I may. Dunno. Tell you Mommy I just read Rescued and loved each story and word. xoxoxox Also tell her if I forgot that a few weeks ago, for some reason, she dreamed of Tuiren! No thought as to why.

  4. It was good while it lasted!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Some doggies like to roll in dead things. The dog we had when I was a kid was occasionally thrown in the pond for rolling on dead animals. It was the easiest way to lessen the horrible smell. You're lucky your daddy didn't throw you in a pond :)

  6. Oh yes, Tuiren, we LOVE to roll on those great dead smells, but for some reason the Momster doesn't think it is a very wise thing to do - we hear the B.A.T.H.word every time:(

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    Pee Ess, we have three great big black buds on our Devil Trumpet:) And Mom gave some to our human sister and hers is ready to bloom too.

  7. Hi Tui! Both Millie and I love to roll in stinky stuff. The only things we find in our yard are dead worms or frogs. You sure look cute all roaching and rolling on your back.




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