Funny Friday

Mommy says I am the family clown.

Do I look like a clown to you?

I spy.............................

Oh it's just Fenris and Tuiren out for a walk.

Should I run?
Should I stay?

Should I join them on their walk?

Wait, wait, wait for me I am coming too!!!!!! ~Yang, not clowning around for ATCAD


  1. A clown look alike you are NOT. You are a beautiful kitty with clownish antics.

  2. When my human was growing up, her family had a tuxie cat that used to join the dog on walks.

  3. We think it would be better if you stayed home and didn't follow the dogs on their walk. Next thing you know your mom will be putting you on a walking string.

  4. Not a clown at all, just a gorgeous kitty!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. oh what fun to walk with Fenris and Tuiren.Lucky you Yang

  6. Not a clown, but an active healthy and curious kitty brofur who wants to join in those doggy adventures!


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