Trouble On Tuesday

 Yeah, he looks all innocent and everything but Yang is TROUBLE and you throw Chimera in the mix and you have Double the Trouble.. He is taking a break from wrecking chaos to snuggle with me.

 Everything started off OK, but then he decided I needed a bath.

 Unfortunately Yang's idea of bathing your ears is more like biting them off.

 He got a real attitude when I set him straight about proper ear cleaning etiquette.

 Eventually we made up and settled in for a nice long nap,

(sigh) then along came Chimera. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD


  1. How come it always seems like Chimera is at the bottom of the trouble?

  2. Good thing you explained proper ear washing to Yang ;)
    Hope you get to continue your nap.
    Maybe Chimera will join the kitty pile ;/
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. It is hard to get a private nap place.

  4. You kitties never have a dull moment, that's for sure. I wish I had sisters and brothers. I told her we could borrow all three of yours for a week or so. Mama is giving me the evil eye...

    1. You could come visit us for a week or so.

  5. A nap is always a good thing!

  6. Yin, the best you can do is set a good example. I'm glad he still finds you to cuddle ... and for trouble he looks for Chimera (or she finds him).

  7. Chimera is a typical pesky little sister, but so cute.We are having a giveaway today for a water activated fish, please stop by to enter.

  8. Yeah, never trust the cute ones.

  9. Looks like a cozy cat pile is forming. Or is it Chimera?

  10. You two look so sweet in that last picture holding paws. We bet the calm didn't last long with Chimera on the prowl.

  11. Chimera needs lots of diversion to be leaving you alone it seems, MOL! She thinks *you* are her diversion:)


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