Fenris Friday Expectant #PMTphotohunt

Hi, I am bummed out.

Since I have a perfectly good stick to wrestle with you might wonder why.

The answer is obvious.  She (meaning the Mom) met his (meaning ME) expectant gaze Thursday with an air of sheer indifference.

Fenris' expectant gaze
For those of you who don't know Thursday is our day to meet Mrs Tammy and go walking. They have been canceling on me and Tuiren for various reasons. This week Mom's excuse was she had to get her hair fixed. What's wrong with her hair?

I may have to hire Ernie if I ever want to go walking again.

I am glad that sticks are more reliable than Mothers.

We are taking part in  the Weekly Pet Photohunt sponsored by a Tonk's Tail this weeks theme was expectant.

Fenris, expecting to go walking this coming Thursday, NO EXCUSES EXCEPTED.


  1. Moms do not prioritize walks correctly. We doggies know what can be canceled and what MUST be a promise kept!

    Love and licks,

  2. Hey,Ernie, get over there FAST!

  3. Fenris, that looks like such a great stick. Hopefully you get in a nice walk soon. We have our paws crossed for you. Have a great day.

  4. Oh, Fenris, don't be too hard on your mom. After all, she's only human. Besides, we think your stick looks like tons of fun!

  5. Fenris I bet dollars to doughnuts they are stopping for food somewhere...you better give your mom a good sniff.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. I know what you mean Fenris. I don't take kindly to no walkies either. In fact if Mom's 2 min. late I'll bump her on the leg to remind her it's my outside time.

    Why take yesterday for example. The Mom was running late on getting ready for my walkies. I politely bumped her leg to tell her it was time for her to get moving. She obliged and got up and got ready. As she was going out the bedroom door you'd have thought this weenier dog had turned into a cattle dog. BOL Yups I started bumping each of her legs as she walked along telling her she must walk FASTER. I feel ya buddy we pups love our outside time.

  7. Seriously, humans lack prioritizing!

  8. What a handsome boy you are! Hope you get your walk!

  9. We can't believe your mom skipped your walk again this week. At least you had your stick to keep you company.

  10. Fenris, that is just so unfair. Walking with you is more important than hair. ;)

  11. We hope you guys get to go walking!

  12. Hope you get that expected walkie in and more as well!

    Meanwhile enjoy your stick!


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