Wemembering Wednesday with Angel Socks

 This was always one of my favorite places to sleep. Especially at night when the peeps were using the bed. I was close to them, but had my own bed with no danger of being disturbed.

 I did enjoy the electric blanket the peeps keep on their bed. Mom got one just for me and kept it on the couch.  As you can see my siblings enjoyed it too.

 Yin and Yang often turned bath time into a wrestling match. They sure are fun to watch. It's nice having youngsters full of energy around.

 Yin has a great Mothering instinct and gives everyone a bath, she is very gentle with everyone except Yang. Yang is a sweet goof-us and makes everyone laugh with his clownish ways.

 Scylla and I made up after the kittens arrived. It wasn't really that I was mad at her just that she didn't understand she couldn't play rough with me anymore. I got old. Totally my fault there I should have taught her that when she was a kitten and I didn't. I didn't make the same mistake with Yin, Yang and Chimera. See with Scylla and Charybdis I let them play rough with me when they were kittens because it never occurred to me that one day they would be heavier than ME. They were such tiny little things.

Charybdis and Scylla as kittens

Good thing I had that figured out when Yin and Yang came along because they are huge, even bigger than Scylla. Chimera is still a tiny little thing, but I taught her how to defend herself. I showed her some moves I didn't teach Yin, Yang and Scylla.

 I was always a small cat and as I got older I lost even more weight. But I was able to stay active and spend time with my family until the very end.

 Yin always made sure that everyone stayed a comfortable distance away from me. She was the only one I would snuggle with. Yang was just too restless and Scylla likes to use you as a pillow. Poor Yin everyone uses her as a pillow, she makes a good one as she lays very still I used her a time or too as a pillow when it was really cold.

 MOL see restless Yang is about to fall off the bed.

He and Chimera have a tendency to sleep flopped over the edge of things. BTW Chimera is sitting in a window she likes to sleep alone.

Socks, remembering for ATCAD


  1. Awww, we loved seeing Angel Socks again. Socks was (and still is forevfur), part of a wonderfur furmily.

  2. Socks taught the kittens well!

  3. Lovely memories, brought a smile to our faces
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. I still can't tell you kitties apart sometimes. And I want a Yin to be female and a Yang to be male and I know it's the other way around...I'll work it out one day.

    1. Actually you have it right Yin is female (solid black) and her brother Yang (mostly white) is the male. The real trick is telling Scylla and Chimera apart they are both calicoes.

  5. Oh Angel Socks, these are such special memories, THANK YOU for sharing them xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. socks.....what a grate flash bak post.....we haz lotz oh aaawwwzzzzzzzz
    goin on heer two day ♥♥♥ we N joyed reedin thiz ~ !!

  7. Angel Socks, you were a good influence on the young'uns!

  8. How nice to see Socks again. Getting old is sure hard! Most of us are there too.

  9. Those are great memories, Angel Socks. We know your humans must really miss you.

  10. Nice memoriy pictures. That napping spot in the bedroom must have been quite cozy!


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