Caturday Art

This turned out rather well, Mommy did a pencil sketch of Yang and Yin.

Here she posterized Yang and Scylla.

Charcoal of Yang and Scylla.

Yang decided to dye himself for Easter MOL. We forgot what we did here.

But here Yang and Scylla were getting the chrome treatment.

Pencil Sketch of Yang and Scylla

Pencil Sketch and frame of Chimera.

And another Chrome of Scylla. ~ATCAD


  1. The chromes look really cool!

  2. Yikes, Yang and Scylla, you and your humans is doing some fancy footwork there with da chrome. We can hardly keep up with you. Yang, are you trying to steal Yin's breakfast? We are watching you!

  3. Those are some interesting filters you used on your pictures today.

  4. Beautiful effects!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Very nice artwork, kitties. We especially like the charcoal :) Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday :) <3

  6. These are great, I love the Easter one :)

  7. Art effects are fun cause you nevfur know what they will turn out like...


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