Stylish Blogger Award

Our friends the Garden Cottage Cats ( Arrius Lestat aka Larry , Gabriel Wolfgang , Sunny, Lorelei Avalon , Anushka aka Ana, and Penelope) gave us this lovely award. If you haven't visited them at Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats you really should. Their blog is magical.

Rules (which we aren't good at following)
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this, that is the Garden Cottage Cats.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
Artemisia - I gets to go first cause my name starts with an A. I love scrambled eggs, I loves to play, I has curly hair on my tummy, I meow very quietly, I came from Grandma & Grandpa's house just like Socks, I am named after a plant and a Greek Goddess.
Fenris - I am named after a God in Norse Mythology, I have blue eyes, I loves to sit in my Mommy's lap, I loves to play, I spend most of my time sitting around watching things, I love Salmon, Peanut-butter and Cheese.
Socks - I am youngest boy beans cat, I came from Grandma & Grandpa's house like Artemisia, I am a senior kitty, I like raw shrimp but will not eat cooked shrimp, I also like to eat lettuce, I caught a real live rabbit (but it made Mommy sad), I have green eyes.
Scylla - I cover my eyes up when I sleep, I weigh the most of all the cats, I snore when I sleep, I am a lovebug and love my Mommy most of all, I am named after a monster in Greek mythology, Daddy named me, Most of the time my eyes are closed or half closed.
3.Pass it on to 7 other bloggers.
OK, we thoughts and thoughts about it and a lot of our friends already have this award. So if you are in our sidebar you know we love your blog and think you qualify for the award so feel free to take it. We love learning more about our friends.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
Consider yourself contacted if you are reading this. ~AFSS, the lazy cats and their doggie


  1. "I love scrambled eggs, I loves to play, I has curly hair on my tummy, I meow very quietly" Aww, so cute!! Concats on your award!

  2. Concats on your award!!!! I love scrambled eggs too!!! xoxo

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations with your wonderful and very stylish award!!

    Awww Artemisia - you love scrambled eggs?!? Yum!!!!! And you are so a greek goddess kitty!!
    Fenris - you have the eyes of gods!!! Peanut butter and cheese?!!?! Wow!
    Socks - Awwwww!! you like your lettuce!:-)Green eyes - lovely!
    Scylla - you are a beautiful love bug!

    Take care

  4. You four have such interesting personalities! And food preferences. Artemisia, Johnny says he will try scrambled egs since you like them.

  5. You certainly deserved that nice award. I agree it can sometimes be hard to choose from amongst your friends for passing awards along. I think that your sharing of it with all your pals is a great thing.


  6. That is a lovely awardie! We loved reading things like favrite foods and names about each one of you.

  7. We love to hear more about friends. Great post!

  8. Congratulations on your Award!
    I loved reading those things about you!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That was a great list gang, and congrats, stylish you are fur sure!!!

  10. Congrats! I loved learning all about you. Socks you like raw shrimp but don't like it cooked. I think I like it cooked and not raw! :)

  11. Wow ,,, It waz worth it jus to learnz all da Wonderful thingz about you Guys ^~^
    Dat waz Fun ^~^
    Tanx for da link up ^~^
    Purrrz & Head licks to All ~ The Garden Cottage Cats


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