Love is in the Air by Scylla

Brian sent me this simply beautiful Valentine. I shall treasure it always my love. ~Scylla

And MoMo sent this to Socks he was overjoyed.

And our dear friend Asta sent this to all of us

We loves her so much.

Socks wanted to do something special for MoMo and of course I wanted to do something special for Brian, so I helped him make a scrapbook. We used pictures we had from previous years to fill it's pages. I hope Brain doesn't mind I added the lovely Valentine he made for me to it's pages. And Artemisia & Fenris made a page for their Secret Admirers who aren't so secret. So this is for Brian, MoMo & All our Friends. We LOVE U All!!!!!

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Note from Artemisia - I didn't dump anyone, but all my suitors seem to have forgotten me. Cody thinks I dumped him. Prince Casper hasn't come by and I haven't seen hide or hair of Herman today. Scylla says the day is still young and I may have a terrific Valentines yet. I sure hope so cause she is having a blast with Brain and I am here all alone. Maybe playing the field wasn't such a smart idea.

Fenris is @ a Valentine party
for dogs.

Just when I thought I was going to be spending Valentines Day all alone ..............

GJ arrived with some flowers and ask me out to lunch. Aren't the flowers pretty? Thank you so much GJ. We are headed off for a romantic lunch at Bayview Gourmet.


  1. Lucky handsome Brian!!!! Yay for such brilliant card, sweet Scylla!

    Awww and how adorable of Momo for lovely Socks!!!

    Happy Valentines to you all!! Take care

  2. I seem to have lost my suitors. Everybody forgot me on Valentines. Maybe playing the field isn't such a good idea. ~Artemisia

  3. Artemisia, have no fear - you can be all of our Valentine.

    Very nice cards you have both received and sent.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you from all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Fenris, I cam back to thank you for your special Valentine wishes - you have a very special place in my heart.

    Woos, Ciara

  5. Here I am precious Artemisia!! I could never forget you on Valentine's Day!!!!
    I don't have opposable thumbs so I didn't know how to make a card but I am sending you huge hugs and kisses and wanted to tell you I am thinking about you today, on the day of romance!
    Love, Cody

  6. Figaro here!

    Lovely Artemisia, your suitors are silly boys to leave you all alone on Valentines Day...a mancat like me could think you are free....

    Flirty meows,


  7. Happy Valentine's Day!


  8. Happy Valentine's Day to all you LoveBugs

  9. Thank you so much for the special Valentine my sweet Scylla, I shall love you always!

  10. Ciara, I am so happy that you think warmly of me. ~Fenris

  11. Cody, I am so happy you are thinking about me.

    Figgy, I will be very happy to add you to my list of suitors. I love gardens and I have admired the work you have been doing in yours.


  12. Happy Valentines Day to all. Hugs and nose kisses



  14. Happy Valentine's Day to you all! We're wishing you a wonderful day!

  15. Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends.

  16. Awww, that's so sweet of GJ! He's Most Handsome and Thoughful.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. You certainly got some wonderful valentines! Artemisia...I may be a big ole dummy, but if I could be one of your suitors I'd lovelovelove you as best I could. And I'd try not to smush you if you wanted to cuddle!

    Yours, Tiny Johnson, the 20-pound tabby xoxoxo

  18. Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  19. Hello Artemisia, I have a gift for you on my blog if you have a moment to pop by. I am so very sorry that I was late today and understand if you are busy with GJ, who is a very fine mancat.

    ~your Prince

  20. Ohhh,,, What a Bootiful card for Scylla,,,,
    and we wantz to say Socks iz a Luckie mancat ^..^
    And Artemisia if you don't have a Sweetheart, we haz someone here who iz Sweet on you ^..^
    Happy Valentinez Day to All ~ Purrrz & Kissez xoxoxoxoxo

  21. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  22. A very happy Valentine Day!


  23. I am glad we got to go to dinner and that you liked the flowers. We made for a very handsome couple didnt we. happy vaalentines my sweet friends and the smilebox is beautiful.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. Sending Valentine's wishes to you and those that you love and hope you all are having a fun filled day!
    Love the look of your blog. I wish the mom here could figure out how to get the photos on the sidebar like you have. Really nice.

  25. Happy Valentine's Day to all, but especially my Socks!!!

    Artemisia sure has no lack of offers.

  26. Love is grand!! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!! ♥♥♥


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