Thursday in the Garden

Our wildflower, we just loves it.

A Canna Lily, isn't it a nice cheerful color. It was blooming in the greenhouse.

We sent Fenris to look around the yard since it is really MUDDY here. He is happy to report that SPRING is on the way. Not only is the Carolina Jasmine blooming but the Forsythia had a bloom on it. Mommy snapped some pictures so we will show you next week.

The Red Hibiscus had a bloom on it.

The Kalanchoe is still blooming.

Daddy started some tomato seeds in the greenhouse. The naughty Daddy used up all the pots so Mommy has to wait until she can get some more to plant her seeds. Fenris is headed over to Cory Cat Blog to play with Grete and represent us at The Society of Feline Gardeners hosted by Jonesie with help from Figaro

Us cats are in the show ring at Mango Minster today. ~AFSS


  1. WOW! The flowers look beautiful and Fenris did a great job reporting on the yard. We can almost :sniff: Spring in the air!

  2. You grow such beautiful flowers!

  3. The flowers are lovely and it's so nice to see them, all that gorgeous colour. We still have a long wait till we get warmer weather, but we'll enjoy other's photos in the meantime!

  4. It is WAAAY too early to start planting thingys here. It is 2 degrees right now.
    I love that lily. Amazing color.
    I'll be watching MM to see how it goes today!!!

  5. Gorgeous flowers. Fenris we are so ready for spring, thank you for letting us know it is on the way. It is 15 degrees here and no signs of spring but we know it has to come at some point. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Thanks for letting us know spring is coming and the beautiful flowers. It is darned cold here and mom thinks the weather man should be thrown out...

  7. Oh, I can't wait for Spring to get here. I miss all the flowers. We're still under a thick blanket of snow, but the novelty has worn off.

    We just cast our vote for you guys at Mango Minster. Tsar would be happy to pass the title on to you. Good luck.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  8. Things are starting to look springy...even Fenris!

  9. Such a beautiful lily! It is far too early here for such things.

  10. Oh da Canna is Sooo Pretty, What a Pretty color,,,, sigh,,,,
    Can't wait for Spring.
    It is beginning to get Brighter in our Greenhouse, pretty soon the Roses will start to perk up ^..^

    This Spring will be ... Oh Sooo Sweet! , after the Winter we've had this year ~
    Purrrz ~

  11. Everyone thanks for visiting us. The competition is stiff at MM, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

  12. Awww what beautiful blooms!! The wildflower may be so tiny but it's still very colourful!! Awww me and Charlie love that red hibiscus - especially its deep deep red colour!!

    Yay gorgeous Fenris for spotting the first signs of spring! Take care

  13. That is so nice ta have lovely flowers at this time of year! And it is a few weeks before we can start our tomato seeds...

  14. Lovely flowers, we think the Canna Lily is a beautiful colour too!

  15. Thanks for helping us celebrate Nigel's Gotcha Day! Grete would love to have Fenris help her chase squirrels.

    We can hardly wait until we have flowers in our garden again. It was 28 degrees here this morning...brrrr...

  16. Those flowers and green things are a sight much missed! Bring on Spring! We are ready.

    Thanks for the kind well wishes you left on my blog for my sister, Nuka's birthday! You helped us raise $100 for the rescue she came from. We appreciate your helping to make the day very special!


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