Let the Good Times Roll

We have sent Mommy to get some more party supplies, she will be back soon but meantime come join us at the PARTY!!!!! To get to the party click here.

To see pictures of the St. Martin Parade Mommy & Daddy were in visit Daddy's Facebook page Bo Alawine for Supervisor. You may be able to click here to see the pictures.


  1. I hope your mom remembers to bring more ShrimpS and Oysters!!!

    THIS is one FINE Pawty... Butt I hear that Cussin Francine is lookin fur us.. SHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Wow, more party stuffs?!?!?

  3. Mommy got lots of shrimps and oysters help yourself Frankie.

  4. Been having a great time you know!

  5. Was your dad making beaded curtains?!

    Awwww great pics!! Great to see mum and dad too!!

    Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!

    Take care

  6. Nice to meetz your Mom & Dad ~
    Iz your Dad the one in charge of da Beadz ??? The Sea food iz Yummy!!!
    This iz a Wunderful Pawty ~
    Purrrz ~

  7. Oh !!,,,,,
    and da Cake iz to die for ,,,,,Delish!!

  8. We are having a good time at your Mardi Gras Party. Check it out here
    Thanks for having us!!!
    Love Noodles and Sunshine the Cat

  9. Awtemisia, Scylla, Socks and FENWIS!
    This is the bestest Pawty!!! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Gumbo. I'll have Mommi send you Muzzew's wecipe as soon as we get it, hehehe
    I hope youw Daddi BO wins big time!!!
    smoochie kisses

  10. Daddy is tying campaign cards onto the beads. It was very time consuming but hopefully voters will remember his name in November.

    I'll have him throw you some @ the parade. ~Socks

  11. Hello Miss Artemesia (Mouse), may I say you are looking beautiful today in your Mardi Gras finery :-) I have been looking forward to your party, it is so much fun!

    ~Prince Casper

  12. Thank you ever so much Casper. I always enjoy hearing I look beautiful. And I have had so much fun dancing with you and just enjoying the sights and the food. ~Your, Mousie

  13. This party is just getting going!!

  14. Parties, we love them! Especially fishy parties.

  15. Bummer! I was late! But it was fun seeing what a wonderful party you all had!


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