Thursday in the Garden

 Fenris was drafted to do this weeks gardening post. 

 He enjoys the geese family when Mommy takes him for a walk.

 The Rooster Violet still blooming and growing, we just loves it as it brightened our winter.

 The  Japanese Magnolia has buds on it, it will bloom soon.

 And the Snowflakes are getting ready to bloom. One had already bloomed but Mommy couldn't get a picture of it. It is in the Confederate Rose Bed and there is a big fire ant mound next to it. We are hoping the fire ants will be gone by the end of the week.

 Fenris says Mommy takes too many pictures and doesn't do enough weeding. She didn't finish weeding the Verbena bed because there is a fire ant nest in it. She has to wait for the poison to kill them. She did get the Stokes Aster bed weeded, planted some interesting purple flowers from Grandma's house in the Charybdis bed (we will show them to you soon promise) and planted some Cactus Zinnias in assorted colors in the Bee Bed.

 It is warm enough for the Kalanchoe to come out of the greenhouse. 

 The yellow Kalanchoe is blooming too, but it is still in the greenhouse as the Cactus Pot it is in is to big and heavy for Mommy to move alone and since it sticks you Mommy promised the boy beans they would only have to move it once. So she is waiting for Spring to be officially here before getting it out.

 Daddy FINALLY cut down all the weeds in the bulb bed. It looks so much better.

 These wildflowers are growing in the Whiskers Bed. We do not know their name so we call them Whiskers Flowers. They are a tiny blue violet type of flower.

 Fenris wants Mommy to hurry up so they can walk on the back side of the pond.

 But Mommy is still taking pictures of the Rooster Violets.

Well we knew there was a reason US cats should do the post. Fenris forgot to remind Mommy to add the directions to Jonesie's so you could attend the Society of Feline Gardeners Meeting with us.

Update to our gardening post. Frankie mentioned he has Johnny Jump Ups where he lives. We has some too in the Bee Bed and we will show them to you soon. They are already up and blooming here. The Rooster Violet and the Johnny Jump Ups are related they both belong to the Violaceae family (we just learned that). But the Johnny Jump Ups'  are  Viola (tricolor) while the Rooster Violet's are Viola pedata L. Flowers can be very confusing. The leaves are different and the Johnny Jump Ups appear smaller to us. ~AFSS


  1. Fenis, yoo master-minded an awesome gardening post this week. We loved seeing all the signs of Spring ~ and adore those whiskers-flowers.

  2. I hope that the poison gets those fire ants soon. I love seeing all your flowers and buds. I have seen a tree here with buds on it, but I am afraid that it will be sorry that it budded so soon. We almost always get late freezes.

  3. The garden is really getting into the swing of spring. The kalanchoe is very beautiful. Fenris, you give a great garden tour, and Ciara is entranced by your eyes:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. We always love to visit you because your gardens are so beautiful, no matter the season...and besides, it's *warm* where you are!

    Happy Thursday!

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. I didn't know you had Fire Ants there Fenris. I hear that they are terrible and very hard to get rid of.. I hope you do.

    I am very much facinated by the Rooster Violet.

    We have wild violets here.. and we sometimes call them Johnny Jump Ups... butt I don't know if those are like your Rooster Violet or not. Ours will start blooming in mid to late May.

  6. Must be woofie day in the garden Fenris because Grete is hosting today as well!

    Jonesie had to go teleport over to Milo and Alfies for the garden party and I'm off flying around the world in the magic cheese bus...

    Your garden makes us purr year round because there are always beautiful flowers blooming.


    Cory reporting from her iPaw somewhere in England

  7. Fire ants are awful, they sting when they bites and leave huge sores. Mommy has one on her foot now :>( so I has to listen to her moan and groan.

    The Rooster violet and the Johnny Jump Ups are different. We has some Johnny Jump ups in the Bee bed and they are already up and blooming. Probably a picture of them next week if the Mom doesn't forget. ~Fenris

  8. Hi everybody thanks for stopping by.

    Ciara I am glad my eyes entrance you. ~Fenris

  9. Thanks for taking us on a walk with you.

  10. Great tour Fenris! Yep, we don't like those fire ants, they hurt our Mom and she ended up in the hospital several years ago!

  11. Fenris you did a good job of showing off your garden.

  12. We love seein yer garden cuz ya have stuff growing an we dont! "Good boy", Fenris!

  13. Awww thank you lovely Fenris for showing me and Charlie around your lovely garden!!!! The violets and snowflakes are so delicate and the kalanchoe is just vivid!! Wow!!!

    We hope spring arrives soon too! take care

  14. Hi Fenris,
    You iz so lucky to be ablez to get outside in da garden.....sigh we still has to wait a few more weeks, but datz Better than monthz ^..^ We can't waitz to get out in da warm sun like you .....
    Great job in da garden, Efurythin iz lookin Spiffy!!!
    We thinkz you will be havin Lotz of company soon ^..^

  15. Fenris we enjoyed the stroll through the garden with you. Did you ever get to walk on the back side of the pond? Your garden is very pretty. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Watch out for those ants because they will bitey you and it hurts a lot. We sometimes have the bad ants and have to use chemical warfare on them.


  17. What a pawesome tour Fenris!




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