Thursday in the Garden

The Forsythia is a mass of blooms. It is always one of the first plants to bloom and it says SPRING to us. We wishes it's blooms lasted longer. It is already getting leaves which means the blooms will be gone soon. We will enjoy it while we can.

The Johnny Jump Ups, they are related to our Roster Violet (both are Violas) but they are not the same thing. The leaves are different and the Roster Violet has bigger blooms. And Violas are related to Pansies. which explains why the Roster Violet did so well in the winter. Mommy got stupid brave and transplanted the Roster Violet that was in the flower pot to the Charybdis Bed, we hopes it will do good there.

Mommy also dug up a Johnny Jump Up that was in the Strawberry Bed and put it down at the Hummingbird Cottage. It seems to be doing good and it is the only thing blooming in that bed although we were happy to see that our Asters and Mexican Blue Bells are coming back up.
A solitary Daffodil, we thinks it is very cheerful.

The Japanese Magnolia preparing to bloom and the Verbena bed Mommy has been weeding.

The Stokes Aster and the Bugleweed.

See all the leaves. it takes forever for Mommy to get them out of the flowerbeds.

The Snowflakes around the Japanese Magnolia. We are hoping they will bloom.

Artemisia is taking a bath.

Grandma Hazel gave us this plant. It use to live at Great-Grandma Agnes' house. No one knows it's name. Do you know it's name? The flowers are a purplish blue and they grow from bulbs. They were blooming in late February and early March. They are already starting to die back.

Our thanks to Old Kitty for correctly identifying our plant it is a Blue French Roman Hyacinth.

Thanks to Alfie, Milo and Ginger Jasper we got a botany lesson today. People in different places often call plants by different names, it can make learning the names of plants very confusing for us kitties. Anyway we discovered that English Bluebells are related to Hyacinths.

The plants we American Kitties think of when we hear the name Bluebell are not. Virginia Bluebells and Texas Blue Bells.

Scylla was very pleased to learn this Angel and her Garden Cottage Cats call the plant Scilla. We went to read about it and discovered it was named after Scylla.

Mommy planted them in the Charybdis Bed.

The Quince, we are just thrilled it FINALLY decided to bloom.

Time to head to Jonesie's and explore everyone else s gardens.


  1. That was such an enjoyable stroll round yoor garden ~ and we loved seeing all those signs of Spring.

    We're not sure wot the lovely bloo flower is called ~ but could it be part of the bluebell fambly? It has a similar look, and is the right colour, and flowers at the same time?

  2. We will look up bluebells online and see if we see something similar. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Spring has sprung in your garden for sure. Beautiful blooms. The Johnny Jump Up is so pretty in purple and yellow. Thanks for the tour.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Blue Roman Hyacinth! :-)

    Awww what beautiful spring blooms!! The roster violets are so cheerful!!! The forsythia is still vivid with yellow and there are promise of more gorgeous plants soon!!!

    Thank you so much for showing me and Charlie around your amazing garden!
    Take care

  5. Your garden always is so wonderful! We're glad your Spring is well under way and look forward to ours...if it ever gets here. :-P

    It seems Old Kitty knows what that flower is -- we'll have to look it up ourselves!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. I have to agree with Milo and Alfie and I think they are bluebells. We have them growing wild in bluebell wood near here. The same colour, same flowers and flower at the same time although they are very late here this year.I love your garden and thank you for showing us around.. Hugs GJ x

  7. Look at all your pretty flowers!

  8. We wonders if the kitties across the pond call them bluebells, they don't look anything like what Americans refer to as bluebells.

    We do know that in the United States the different regions call stuff by different names which makes identifying flowers and other plants very confusing. What we call a Wisteria wasn't at all what our friend from New York calls a Wisteria.

    Mommy thought it was some sort of Hyacinth when she first saw it, but it is much smaller then the ones you see in the Garden Centers here. When we googled the name Old Kitty gave us it looked and sounded like our plant and it fits with the location it came from.

    We got curious and used Google again and we bets we are all talking about the same plant or a similar plant.

    Hyacinthus orientalis is the Scientific name of the Blue French Roman Hyacinth and we looked up English Bluebells and discovered they are also called Bluebell and Wood Hyacinth and their Scientific name was Hyacinthoides non-scripta. So the English Bluebell is officially the "flower related to the hyacinth with nothing written on it." In fact, no matter what genus the English Bluebell has been placed in, it is always called by the same species name, "non-scripta", recognizing its relationship to the common hyacinth.

    Well we got our botany lesson for the week.

  9. The garden is looking so beautiful!!!

  10. To add more confusion to what to call da plant ,,,, up here we callz it, Scillas. But they do look like da Hyacinth family ^..^ You haz lotz of pretty flowerz bloomin, can't believe some are already finishing by you.....
    Hope Boy Bean iz ok.......
    Purrz ~

  11. Boy bean is doing well, thank you for your purrs. Wow our little blue flower has a ton of names some of them bigger then it is.

  12. MOL, we just read about the Scillas and they are named after Scylla.


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