Thursday in the Garden

 This is a Foxglove Mommy keeps in the green house. A little violet is coming up in the same pot. Mommy will probably find a bed to plant it in this year.

 Daddy grew these tomatoes from seeds. He has already planted most of them in buckets. Some upside down and some right side up. He is conducting an experiment.

 Zinnias Mommy started from seed. She has already planted these and started a new batch of flowers from seeds. She had to wait to gets some pots freed up to plant all of them.

 The Redbud, part of the tree died last year we do not know why. 

 The Japanese Magnolia aka as a Tulip Tree.

 The Roster Violets, Mommy took the ones in the pot out and planted them in the Charybdis' bed and she weeded around the ones left in the wood planter.

 The Flowering Quince, it has already stopped blooming and has gotten it's leaves. We likes the flowers better then the leaves, we sure wish they lasted longer.

The bulbs are coming up in the bulb bed.

Now we are heading over to Jonesie's to see what is growing in her garden.


  1. Everything is looking great! Hey, how do you eat upside down tomatoes?

  2. We love ALL magnolias - too bad so many spring flowering trees don't keep their blooms longer. Mom has the seed starter kits, but she still needs her seeds:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Upside down tomato plants!! WOW!!!

    Awww your garden is looking ever so wonderful with all these seedlings too!! Yay!!!!!

    Well done mum and dad!! The little violets are gorgeous - so delicate and beautiful! take care

  4. Now that violet in the foxglove pot is the kind that grow wild here.

    Love your tour. TOMATOES... yummmmm... I love em. Don't know why mom gets upset when I pick them fur myself. heheehe

  5. Such exciting things happening in your garden! Ours is still brown and muddy.

    ~Casper...Hello beautiful Miss Mouse, thank you for the comment you left yesterday about my toes, I imagine yours are exquisite. I would be delighted to come over. Perhaps we could play in your lovely garden and have a picnic?

  6. A picnic in the garden would be lovely Casper. ~Your, Mouse

    Everybody thanks for visiting us. We thinks you eat upside down tomatoes right side up and right side up tomatoes upside down. ~AFSS

  7. Very pretty plants...we've never seen a Japanese interesting! We agree that it would be nice if the flowering trees/bushes kept their flowers a bit longer before changing to leaves.

  8. Oh My ! You are soooo far ahead of us! :( Da mo iz almost in tearz.... We are suppose to get 4 to 6" of Snow tonight into tomorrow!!! Datz not good cause dis time of year the snow iz very water laden and it breakz thingz.... We can't efen get anythin cleaned up! And it'z been cold too :((

    But while da mom iz cryin... We are havin a Birthday Pawty for Penelope so why don't you All come on Over !!! ^..^ Let'z Pawty!!Purrz~

  9. OMC! Such lovely photos today of all those little baby plants. The Japanese Magnolia is really beautiful. We have a Magnolia but it isn't in bloom yet.


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