Tsarina Tuesday

 Mommy got this windchime when she was at the Pharmacy. The black tuxedo cat reminded her of Whiskers.

 And the hummingbirds came from the grocery store. Mommy may take it down to the Hummingbird Cottage, but for now it is up at the house for us to enjoy.

 Mommy has been planting stuff. (Mostly white Zinnias)

 and weeding.

 The Bugleweed and the Stokes Aster looks nice now that she has gotten all the weeds out of their bed.

 I likes to play with the seed pods from the Candlebush. They rattle when you whap them. 

 Mommy, I thinks you missed some weeds.

The Hummingbird Cottage is looking pawsome, Good Job Daddy!!!!!!


  1. Every year Mom and Dad put up a hummingbird feeder. Every year they take it down, disappointed. We hope you get lots of pretty hummers.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Oh the WEEDING! We have GOT to get TBT on that quick...

  3. Oh, we GOT ta mention the hummers! The first time TBT ever filled a hummer feeder (never having seen a hummer), he walked into the yard with it to find a place ta hang it and a hummer came right up to it while he carried it. Hooked, he was...

  4. What a great find in those kitty chimes! And weeding - Mom says it is an endless chore. Your mom is doing a great job and oh that cottage is just so very nice.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Yoor mom and dad have done a great job! And we love the wind chime! Mom said she would have bought it too.

  6. The hummingbird cottage is looking great! I bet the hummingbirds will move in as soon as possible. Aretemisia, you won't try and catch one of those little hummers, will you?

  7. That is a fantastic windchime!

  8. I love the kitty windchime, so cute :-) The hummingbird cottage looks fantastic!

  9. The khottage is SO furry beaWOOtiful!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  10. Those windchimes are PURRRRRfect fur you. I just love your hummingbird cottage.
    I just saw the first Mockingbird of the season. Next will be the Hummers.. In about a month. Can't wait!!!
    You have the most amazing gardens.

  11. Dats an awfully big cottage - how big are your hummingbirds??? With just a balcony, mom doesn't do too much gardening, but she will plant flowers when it gets warmer....

  12. Beautiful chimes!! And look at your amazing hummingbird cottage!!! Well done dad and well done gorgeous Artemisia for snoopervising too!! Take care

  13. That is an awesome-looking hummingbird cottage!

    Seeds that rattle sound like fun!

    The Chans

  14. Evevything looks so nice, but not a nice as that tail of yours!!!

  15. We like that windchime!! And we can't wait to see the Hummingbird Cottaqe when it is all done!!


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