Wildlife Wednesday

 Our neighbor calls this a Chicken Hawk, we couldn't find any info on Chicken Hawks so we do not know what it's proper name is? Mommy thinks it might eat me so I stays inside when it is outside.

 It seems to think Daddy built the Humming Bird Cottage for it, silly hawk.

Mommy says it is looking for mice and other small mammals.


  1. She (I don't know why I think she looks like a she) almost looks like she's carved from the same wood!

    Stay safe Artemisia!

  2. MOL, Mommy said she blended into the cottage nicely.

  3. Says a lot about what I did as a kid, but I thought immediately of Foghorn Leghorn's nemesis in the cartoons - he was a chicken hawk.

    Seriously, there are a few hawks that are referred to as a chicken hawk - the Cooper's Hawk is probably the most common reference (some people call a Red Tail, our most common, a chicken hawk, though that does not look like a baby red tail to me).

  4. That's one big hummingbird:) Be careful, Artemisia. we don't want that hawk to get you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. We hafta admit that chicken-hawk makes us feel nervous. It's got beady eyes. Don't go near it.

  6. I think it is bigger than a humming bird! I am glad they are keeping you inside. I think he might be a cat hawk so that he eats kittys...

  7. Once a hawk took of with a friend's terrier but Sisco got away! be careful!

    Thank you for coming to our birthday commentathon! It was fun.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  8. It's a good thing you stay inside...sometimes those hawks are not so nice and pick up kitties and woofies too. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Oh yes, watch that big bird...looks like trouble!!!

  10. She(?)iz Pretty,,,but Safer to be inside!
    We havez Turkey Hawkz and they are Big & Ugly and they will carry you away! They are Ugly Vulturez,,,,
    We have Pretty Hawkz here too, but they pick da squirrelz up and carry dem away & eat dem....
    But your Chicken Hawk iz Pretty....Stay Safe Artemisia~

  11. Oh it's a beauty!!! Awwwww wow!! What a stunning bird!! Oooh but please stay in and safe lovely Artemisia!! That birdie means business!! Take care

  12. That does look like a type of hawk!! What a big birdie!!

  13. Is that your TAIL? I thought maybe there was a wild animal attached to your bottom.

    I don't think I ever saw your tail on display like that before.


  14. that sure is a hawk. Your Mommy is smart. Please stay inside.

  15. That hawk is cute, but it us safer to stay out of its reach, Artemisia. We don't want anything happen to you!


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