Fenris Friday with Flowers (Yard of Horrors) & Celebrate Life with Richie & Ronnii

Fin, (She is doing a House of Horrors week)  I am not scared of anything in the house, but there is something very scary in my yard. See I was minding my own business and  Mr Gander salted me. What is up with the wildlife. My friend Frankie was salted by his former friends the Charcoals, you can read about it here. I guess I should have been on the lookout for Mr Gander & Mrs Geese to go ballistic,  but we had been coexisting very peaceably until recently. Me and Mommy were just going for our usual walk when I stopped to get a drink of water and Mr Gander & Mrs Goose came flying at me honking and hissing. You can bet I barked at them good and told them to leave me and my Mommy alone. I thinks they listened cause Mrs Goose stays on her nest, but that stupid Gander keeps hissing and honking at us,  he is keeping his distance though and I am keeping mine, we has an uneasy truce.

Wanna see some flowers?

The Red Hibiscus. While the flowers and leaves are gorgeous we won't get anymore of these plants. Mommy says they are more trouble then they are worth.
Our Foxgloves came back up and are blooming now.

Wild Bugleweed growing in the yard.

We put feeders up for the Hummingbirds down at the Hummingbird Cottage. Thanks NTM for recommending this feeder to us. We really likes it. We gots it from CSN Stores. It is easy to put together and we thinks it looks pretty. We hasn't seen any Hummingbirds at it though.

We got the Hummingbird Hanger @ CSN Stores too. They has lots of unique stuff for your yard.

Our Coral Honeysuckle is getting big and blooming.

Close up of the blooms.

The Gaura it lived over the winter and is very pretty so Mommy got some more. We are also hoping some will come up from seeds.

The Golden Globe & Herman's Pride around the Whiskers' Bed is looking good.

This aggravating Verbena looks pretty in there too. Why is it aggravating. Well Mommy thought Verbena would look pretty around Whiskers' grave so she bought a whole bunch of it and it all died. So she planted the Golden Globe & Herman's Pride in there and now some of the Verbena that refused to grow in there is coming back up. Since it looks pretty Mommy is just going to let it stay.

Our Chines Witch Hazed in bloom.

The Charybdis' Bed.

Yellow Violets growing wild. 

Purple Violets growing wild.

And now for another yard horror....................

This is the rental car Mommy has to drive until we can replace the Boy Bean's car that got totaled. I do not like new cars in my driveway as I thinks it is a stranger. I am just now getting used to the way it sounds and Mommy says it will probably be gone soon and I will have to put up with another one of these metal monsters living at my house. I likes riding in them though and Charybdis enjoyed her ride to Mississippi State University (she got to sit in Mommy's lap), Scylla & Socks hate riding in the metal monster and Artemisia doesn't care. She says the Big Metal Monster (Daddy's truck) brought her to the most wonderful home ever so they can't be all bad.

I am going to borrow the metal monster to drive to  Ronnii's, why don't you come with me? Ronnii, just lost his brother Richie and wants everyone to help celebrate his life. ~Fenris

Glitter Photos


  1. What an awesome post! So many beautiful flowers and plants ~ and featuring yard of horrors too!

  2. OH lovely Fenris!! Yay for telling Mr Gander to leave you and mum alone!! Me and Charlie just think Mr and Mrs Goose are a bit touchy now that they are nesting!! Hopefully they will see that you and mum are friends!! And don't worry about that monster metal thing in your driveway - it's only temporary! Yay!

    Awww wow!! Look at these beautiful blooms!!! We love that red hibiscus! Why are they such trouble? (I've not grown hibiscus so I don't really know! LOL!). Awww
    your garden is just amazing! Thank you for showing us around! Take care

  3. Most hibiscus aren't trouble at all. We has Chinese Hibiscus and Confederate Rose that we are very fond of as it comes back year after year. The Red Hibiscus doesn't come back, so Mommy has to keep it in the Greenhouse over the winter and it isn't able to withstand the high winds we has. It keeps breaking off. Which is why we still has some cause it breaks off and if it is about to bloom Mommy sticks it in water to save the flowers and enjoy them inside and it roots and she stick it in a pot and the whole cycle starts over again. ~Fenris

  4. Yikes, Fenris - better stay from that gander - he must be worried about you getting at his little ones - any hatchings yet?

    Your yard is just brimming with beautiful blooms - we love seeing all that you have.

    Hope to see you at the Celebration of Life.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Fenris, I will help you with that Gander. I must protect my Mouse!
    That is, if I get brave enough to go outside the door.

    Spring has truly sprung at your house, the yard is lovely.

  6. Shoot! That comment was from Me, Tiny Johnson!

  7. Oh geese scare me. Sometimes they fly over our house honking and I hiss and run and hide.


  8. WOW Fenris, you've been busy and sounds like the weekend is going to be busy too. Hey, I heard they are having Bacon Beer at The Richie & Ronnii pawty!!!

  9. FENRIS... "METAL MONSTER"... I love that name.. would you mind if I call Jennifer Jeep the Metal Monster??? She really is a monster, by the way.

    YOU got A SALTED by the geese? Holy Gwalk A Moley... what is WRONG with Blogville? We should NOT have to put up with this type of treatment.

    I loved the new flower pictures. That is a neat hummer feeder. Never seen one like it.

    See you ALL tomorrow at the big Birfday Celebration Bash!!!!

  10. How very scary Fenris! Thank Cod you were there to save your Mom!


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