Mommy is petting Artemisia

Mommy has no clue where the tan spots came from. We didn't do anything to the photograph, honest. No one should feel stupid for thinking it was Scylla because even Mommy thought it was Scylla at first when she first saw the picture and then she was like "I was petting Arty, that can't be Scylla" and she looked closer. And we can completely understand why some people thought it was a new kitty because the markings aren't right for either Scylla or Arty. We thoughts this would be a fun photo for April Fool's Day cause it sure has us perplexed. How did the camera do that, we wants to know?


  1. That was a darn good April Fools picture! Oops, sorry sweet Scylla!!!

  2. ummm, I left a message befowe, but i guess it disappeawed.
    no way. I thought it was Scylla., and anothew mystewy, whewe is Fenwis?
    smoochie no fooling kisses

  3. You Kidden...... Whoa!!
    Penelope had it Right,,,
    but da rest of us didn't listen.... hummmmm

    Dat Certainly was April Foolz !!....mol
    Purrz ~

  4. Thanks for stopping by. We also think of you all and the beautiful flowers. We're supposed to have a great weekend--hope you do too!

    love & wags,

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! Where did those tan spots come from!?!? Yay for a fun April fool's pic!! Hello there goregeous Artemisia!! Take care

  6. For those of you who mistook me for Artemisia, including my sweet Brian. I take it as a compliment as she is very tiny and cute, and I don't mind being mistaken for her @ all. ~Scylla

  7. That is such a mystery! I would have never guessed it was Artemisia.

  8. I guess that flashy box was playing an April Fool's joke on everyone.


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