Soothing Saturday

The Rooster Violets are still doing OK after Mommy transplanted them to the Charybdis bed. When Daddy was in Meridian getting rocks he got more Rooster Violets so Mommy planted them at the Hummingbird Cottage.

Mommy transplanted this little white violet to the Charybdis Bed. It was growing next to the dead Encore Azalea that Mommy replaced with this........................................

Loropetalum we are going to call it Chinese Witch Hazel cause Witch Hazel was Grandma's nickname when she was in highschool.

Mommy finally got this flower bed weeded. The purple lantana is coming back along with the Mexican Petunias.

The Rooster Violet looks much better now that Mommy weeded around it and got the pot out of it. Maybe now that it has some room it will spread and fill up the planter. We won't be able to visit today as Mommy went to this with youngest boy bean, we will check in with you as soon as we can. ~AFSS


  1. Why was grandma called Witch Hazel? How intriguing!!

    Awwww sweet Charybdis's bed is looking so amazing - it's going to be full of wonderful blooms!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Take care

  2. How lovely - we can't wait for our flowers to bloom this year!
    Tnx for stopping by yesterday!

  3. Good luck to your brother today.

    Seeing all the flowers and gardens is very soothing to the soul. We are having a pretty decent spring weekend for a change.

    Now you have to share the story behind the Witch Hazel nickname:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Our flowers are starting to bloom too! Your garden is about a month ahead of us.

  5. Yes, we were wondering the same thing as Old Kitty. You all have such marvelous gardens.

  6. Audrey says to tells you she loves your purply flowers!

  7. Looks whiffin wonderful to me!

  8. Thanks for visiting everyone. Mommy says there were lots of pretty flowers at USA, she is to tired to help us visit, but we will try to catch up tomorrow. ~AFSS

  9. Gorgeous flowers, you are clever!


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