Thursday in the Garden

Mommy broke down and bought a Bougainvillea, she fell in love with them when she was in California.

She is going to plant it in a flower pot and put it down at the Hummingbird Cottage. She will put it in the Greenhouse during the winter.

Our Azaleas are all blooming.

The Foxgloves have come back up and are blooming.

The Purple Heart is coming back up.

Come over to Jonesie's with us to see everyone else's gardens.


  1. Beautiful! Our Azalea is just bursting into bright pink bloom too. isn't Spring a marvelous time of year?

  2. Stunning!!! Your Hummingbird Cottage is gonna be just beauituful with all these blooms coming up!!! Yay!!

    Awww the Bougainvillea is perfect! Yay for mum! Take care

  3. Foxglove is so pretty - it will be a while before we see any here - temps keep staying way too low for flower planting.

    Bougainvillea makes the Momster think Hawaii:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. We just love foxglove! We can hardly wait until ours starts to bloom.

    We think we will be teleporting over to your's still cold here.

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Yes, we'd love to teleport down and soak up some sunshine and heat. There was sleet this morning here! :-O

    Happy Easter weekend to you all!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. My mom loves RED bougainvillia. That is gonna be sooooo perfect fur the hummingbird cottage.

  7. Totally gorgeous! I guess that's why I don't have a garden, I get to enjoy yours all the time!

  8. very pretty....we don't have space for a garden and mom says it isn't warm enough yet to plant the planters, so we enjoy seeing your flowers!!

  9. :::
    Yous have such nice flowers. Wes just has 1 daffodil!
    Its just too cold.

  10. Just beautiful! Hugs

  11. Looking great! Our azalea's are getting ready to bloom but they haven't opened up yet...we seem to be the only house without blooms yet!

  12. Ewwwz & Awwwwz, Da Azaleaz are soooo Pretty ^..^
    Last year owrz were sooo Early,,, dis year efury thin iz so late....

    Da mom gotz 2 Bougainvilleaz last year, she kept them in da greenhouse(cauze of us...) ofur da Winter.She kept da greenhouse @ least 50 degreez cauze of them & da baby fish. By March one of da Bougainvilleaz started Flowering it iz full of flowerz now. The other one we still waiting.... dat one iz called "Orange Bengal" it iz a varigated leaf wit salmon bractz. Da mom luvz your purple one, she was lookin fur dat color when she found da onez we gotz ^..^ jus in-case you don't know... trim it after it has dropped all its flowerz... Enjoy it ^..^
    Purrz ~ Ana

    PEEE EESSS. Owr pond lookz like a bowl of spinach ......mol

  13. Foxgloves look nice! We dont have anny of those. And we love that planter box covered with stones...


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