Thursday in the Garden

 We thought we would start the garden tour down at the Butterfly Garden. He is the Grancy Graybeard, with it's pretty white blooms.

 The Vitex, we are looking forward to seeing it bloom.

 Pink Verbena. The bees like it.

 The Chinese Witch Hazel.

Mommy just loves this shrub. We found it's name in our Wildflowers of Mississippi book.  It is called a Fetterbush  it's scientific name is Lyonia lucida (Lam.) K. Koch.

 Ok, lets head up to the Hummingbird Cottage.

 The Coral (aka Trumpet) Honeysuckle.

It starts off a kinda of salmon pink color and then turns scarlet . When it opens up the inside is a yellowish orange. Very pretty, and supposedly attractive to hummingbirds.

OK, lets go up to the house now and look in the front yard.

 The Foxgloves, we has pink, white and a purplish pink.

 The Johnny Jump Ups are putting on a show for us. We are thrilled with them.

The Mint is doing pawsome this year.

Now we are headed over to Jonesie's to see what the other Feline Gardeners have been up too.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Mumsy would love a garden like that. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. WOW! That was an awesome garden tour today! We espeshully love the Foxgloves, because although it is native to western and south western Europe, we consider it very English.
    Mom's favourite type of garden is a traditional old English garden packed wiv Foxgloves and Lupins and bluebells etc.

  3. All so petty- we love that fetterbush with all those little bell-like flowers. Mom really loves that honeysuckle - bet it smells sweet.

    Our trumpet plants are doing well. Both the one that Mom grew from a clipping and the original that spent the winter in the garage have some beautiful foliage - here's hoping they will bloom again this year.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! The mom would like a garden like that too...if someone else would maintain it. LOL!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. Just beautiful! We have some good looking flowering crabgrass, but that's about it!

  6. The ZH is beginning to intensely dislike "thursday in the garden"... it gets more and more depressing to see all these purrty flowers in bloom all over, but not in her own yard... sigh.
    Will your human come and plant a garden for us?

  7. I love foxglove. I just heard that mint.. repels fleas!!!

  8. You have a beautiful garden, truly!! Me and Charlie enjoyed this tour very much, thank you!! The Fetterbush is amazing!!! Take care

  9. So many people have reds and pinks today! It is lovely!

  10. We love visiting your garden!!

  11. your photos look like a cozy picture book, just beautiful!

  12. Efurythin lookz sooooo Bootiful in your Garden ~ We luvz your Humming Bird Cottage ^..^
    Da mom & Ana have been very busy owtside dis week dat they furgotz to post fur Thursday :(

  13. We adore foxgloves! It will be awhile before ours start to bloom. With our dreary and cold and wet weather, we just love being able to visit your colorful and warm garden.


    shivvering at a high temp of 52 degrees today

  14. So much lovely stuff in yer garden. We really like that trumpet vine, but we cant think of a place tall enough for it.


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