Wildlife Wednesday with Fenris

 Do you see the goose? She is sitting on a nest. We has to be quiet so we don't bother her.

Youngest Boy Bean and I are going for a walk. He lets me stop and sniff for signs of wildlife. I thinks I might smell a rabbit. YBB's arm is in a splint from the car accident he was in. But it is all better now.

 Mommy is spying on us with that telephoto lense thing.

Mommy it is time to pet me now and I wants a treat. I took the YBB for a nice long walk and made sure he got plenty of exercise. Keeping Boy Beans in shape is hard work and I deserve to be rewarded for it. ~Fenris


  1. Great job Fenris!

    What would our humans do without our exercise programmes!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing your wildlife!

  2. You're a very good friend, Fenris! YBB is so luck to have you!

    Hope you got lots of treats!


  3. Beautiful Fenris!!! You are doing a fantastic job taking YBB out for walkies and not disturbing the wildlife!! You deserve lots and lots of extra yummy treats!!!

    Take care

  4. We hope you got your treat Fenris. You deserve it for working so hard!

  5. The goose has eggs??? How exciting! We can't wait to see the babies.

    Fenris, you are so lucky to have YBB to take you for a walk. Our little beans here are still too young.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Excellent walkie you took your YBB on!! So of course you deserve a treat!!!

    I found a goose egg once... all by myself. It had rolled out of the mom's nest. My mom was very much proud of me beclaws I didn't hurt the egg or bother the sad mommy goose. I even wrote a WHOLE story about it.
    I am sooooo happy that you got to post on WEDNESDAY ... and I am looking forward to Fenris Friday too.

  7. Good werk Fenris. We hope the treats were good ones.

  8. You are quite the good woofie Fenris!

  9. A splint? We thought YBB only had minor injuries? Is he okay?

    You were good, Fenris. Every human needs a furry to walk them. Jan is such a slacker it takes 3 of us to walk her.

  10. What a nice boy you are Fenris!


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