Wildlife Wednesday

We counted four goslings. Mrs Goose & Mr Gander have taken them away to the field next door where the grass is taller so we won't have the chance to watch them grow up.

Sorry we are late posting. Mommy had to take eldest boy bean back to college, then bring him back home for his eye appointment so she was gone all day. We will try to do better tomorrow. ~AFSS


  1. Awww yay for Mr and Mrs Goose and Gander!!! Awwww how lovely to see that their babies are ok!! Thank you for these pics!!

    Yay for super mum!! Me and Charlie hope boy bean's eye appt went ok! Take care

  2. Cute Geese!! Love the goslings.

    reminds my mom of the goose in Charlott's Web. Planninganinganing.

    It is soooooo important to get the student back into class. Time WELL spent.

  3. The mom loves Canada Geese. We've never seen them live! They're nasty, though, when defending their babies. LOL. The mom remembers her rural neighbour, growing up, raised them. Very hissy! Annie would have liked them, we think! :-P

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. How exciting, I just love to watch the geese, big and small!!!

  5. A family of four is wonderful, too bad we won't see more of them but good to see even this.

    We hope all the bad weather hasn't been a problem for you there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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