Working Wednesday by Artemisia

 I  is sitting by the Sweet Shrub, if it ever blooms it is suppose to smell good. Something has been eating it's leaves. I told Mommy to spray it, I hope she followed my instructions.

 Our Gaura looks gorgeous, it lived all winter, so we gots some more we likes it so much. This one is Ballerina Rose, we got some Ballerina Blush this year.
 (Sigh) Daddy is still working on the floor, he still isn't finished either.

 The Grancy Graybeard. It looks pretty when the white flowers are blooming.

 The Stokes Aster is going to have tons of blooms this year.

 The Bugleweed is already blooming. We loves the pretty purple color.

I sure will be glad when Daddy finishes the floor to MY COTTAGE. I just loves to lay on the nice warm rocks. ~Artemisia


  1. It sure is gonna be awesome when yoor dad finishes it. Warm stones are the very best place to sun yoorself. Yoor flowers are beautiful.

  2. Artemisia!! You are looking particularly gorgeous today! Me and Charlie think you make your garden look even more pretty!

    We love the bugleweed flower!!

    Yay for snoopervising dad too! Take care

  3. How funny - we had a working Wednesday post too. We just love that graybeard - so pretty. The floor is going to be beautiful when it is done. Mom thinks she might need a wall like that around the base of the playset to keep out the bunnies and then maybe we wouldn't keep pawing to get under there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I am always sooooo amazed at the beauty that surrounds all of you.

  5. I know that with your help it will be finished very soon!

  6. Hi Artemisia! Wow there is a lot of work going on around your place! It must keep you so busy keeping an eye on it - you must almost never get a break!

  7. Miss Mouse, How about I come over and snoopervise with you? You can sit on my shoulder and shout out orders to the troops!

    Yr Suitor, Johnny XX

  8. Artemis, you have it made in the shade. I love the sun too, but I only get to feel it through the doors and windows..


  9. Thanks for visiting everyone. Tiny, you sure are useful. I was able to cover a lot more ground with you carrying me around. ~Arty Mouse

  10. The garden is looking good and so are you, beautiful little one!

    Happy Easter to all!!!


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