Fenris Friday

I had the best time last weekend. The Mom meet one of her girlfriends at the beach and guess what??????? She took me with her. I got to walk on the beach. OK, technically we were on the sidewalk but I could see the water and the boats. There were other people there with their dogs. I was very good I didn't jump on anyone and I didn't bark at the other doggies. Mommy said since I was so good we can go back. Mommy says she is going to get in shape and I can be part of her physical fitness regime. That is a fancy way of saying I can go walking on the beach with her on the weekends.

I hate to admit it but I was plumb tuckers out after all the walking, so I am going to rest up.

Maybe Mommy will actually take pictures next time, but don't count on it. ~Fenris pup reporting


  1. Beautiful Fenris with your gorgeous eyes!!! Yay for mum taking you to the beach! What a treat for you! And of course you were very good!! You are just adorable! Me and Charlie hope you go lots more times now!! Yay! take care

  2. I'll bet you really did have a great time handsome Fenris! Y'all enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow! Cool. Did you see the big litter box area too?!

  4. Hi Fenris! What a great stroll yoo had!

  5. Sweet Fenris we would bet that you were the best behaved dog there. Sounds like a fun time. You all have a great and safe weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. You Mom needs to hook you up to the cart and pull her when she gets tired. Or all the time, really.

    Physical fitness is over rated.

  7. Hello sweet Fenwis
    I'm so glad that you will be able to go back wif youw Mommy to that lovely beach walk. I love being neaw the watew, smelling the fwesh aiw even if I'm not weally on a beach.
    I bet if you do this wegoolawly, you and Mommy will get less tuckewed out each time
    I hope all of you have a most wondewful weekend
    smoochie kisses

  8. How khool!

    I'm my mom's fitness programme too -

    Want to meet mid-way between MS and PA?


  9. Please tell your Mum to take photos of you next time! We want to see your walk on the beach!


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