Peeps on Parade

Sarge ask us to tell something about our peeps so I talked Mommy into helping me with a post.

Since I have a picture of me with Dad I'll start with him. Dad is an engineer and he works on Aegis Cruisers. He and Mom were both born in Meridian, MS  and now they live on the MS Gulf Coast. They have lived on the Gulf Coast ever since they got married 24 years ago. Daddy likes to work outside and he designed our Greenhouse, The Hummingbird Cottage and is responsible for rocking up all the raised flower beds. Daddy is a very hard worker and does most of the yard work.  I love to play ball with Dad, which is what we are doing in the picture. Daddy is interested in politics and he is running for Jackson County District 4 Supervisor.  Daddy also likes to read and blog.

I have two boy beans. They are both at University so they don't live here all the time. When they are home for breaks I enjoy walking with them. Eldest is working on a Masters in Computer Science and Youngest is working on a BA degree in History.

I loves it when Mom pets me, especially if I get to sit in her lap while she is petting me. I also enjoy going on walks with her. Mommy is a retired Homeschool Mom, I guess she was pretty good at it cause the Boy Beans are doing pawsome in college. Mommy loves to read, she LOVES flowers, and she generally likes anything with four legs and fur.  She wanted a doggie so she adopted me for her Birthday. She says I am the best Birthday Present Ever.



  1. Great post, Fenris. We loved learning more about your Dad and the boy beans. We knew a bit already about Mom. You also shared some great pics.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh FENRIS... Buddy you did an outstanding job of telling all about your mostest wonderful peeps. You know you can count on My Vote fur your dad.. Right??
    I LOVE all that beautiful happy Yellow on your blog today!!
    Fantastical Job!!! THANKS

  3. Fenris, you have very interesting Humans! We especially like that they love you and do things with you, that's the most important thing of all.

  4. I think you could only be the best birthday present ever! Unless it were me and I am taken...

  5. Stunningly beautiful Fenris!!! Thank you for introducing me and Charlie to your wonderful mum, dad and Beans!!! Yay!!! You are all just adorable and very creative! Take care

  6. Hooray for your Peeps, they're the best, but you knew that!!!

  7. I was my mom's birthday pressie too!

    Thanks fur the parade of peeps!



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