Thursday in the Garden ~ Cinco de Mayo

I am all dressed up and ready to go to the Cinco de Mayo celebration The Sherwood Bunch are hosting, but first I thought I would show you around our garden.

Doesn't the grass look pretty it has little flowers. Did you know that grass blooms?

The roses and Gaura.

Sniffie's Rose

We also has a pretty white rose that reminds us of Micky.

It actually turns PINK.

And this rose that smells so good reminds us of Sweet Praline.


The Golden Globe and Herman's Pride planted on Whiskers' Grave is blooming. We loves the pretty yellow blooms.

Yellow Swamp Irisis

The Bottlebrush

OK, lets head up to the house.

Mommy and Daddy really like this purple wildflower, it is a type of grass.

I am headed over to Jonesie's to visit the other Feline Gardner's and then I am off to the Cinco de Mayo party, I hopes you will come with me. ~Artemisia


  1. Yoo look beautiful in yoor party dress. Happy celebrations!

    We so love that yoo have special flowers for those at the Bridge ~ it is such a lovely thing to remember those who have left us. We miss them all.

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awww wow!! Beautiful Artemisia!! Your garden is just lovely!! The roses are so vivid and pretty!! Yay for blooming grass too!!

    Thanks for a magical tour!! Take care

  3. I am so glad you could come by and visit with me and enjoy the flowers. Stay as long as you please. ~Artemisia

  4. Wow, Artemisia, don't you hust look so lovely in your pretty dress! Have fun at the party and thanks for the garden tour - we love seeing all the different blooms.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. We love all your roses! Happy Cinco de Mayo too.

  6. Everything sure looks so pretty, especially you! See you at the pawty!!!

  7. Swamp Iris??? Never heard of those before. I love your blog. I always see and learn new stuffs.

  8. We call that purple flower Spiderwort, but I don't know what the latin name is. All of your roses look so lovely, nice to have blooms already...we are still waiting for our tulips to come up! It was a very nasty April and colder than usual, but May and the rest of the summer is supposed to be nice - YAY!

  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo-you look great!

  10. Miss Mouse, your garden is lovely today! Undoubtedly due to your snoopervision. Daddy says he chose one central stem for our bottlebrush to start our "tree". Does your bloom all year?

    You are gorgeous in your dress, I'd be proud to trot behind you and hold your train.

    Yr Suitor, TJ

  11. You look gorgeous in your party dress. I love your garden its realy beautiful and the colours gorgeous.. Hugs GJ x

    see you at the party xx

  12. Cat, you are correct the blue flower is Spiderwort. We looked it up in our Wildflowers of MS book.

  13. Felicidades chula Artemisia.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo.
    Love y besos Noodles

  14. Happy Cinco de Mayo-

    Me sissy's tink yous dress is very beauTeefuls- and 'da flowers are prettys-

    Anakin Man

  15. Thanks for coming to visit. ~AFSS

  16. MoMo found matching dresses for Charybdis & Scylla when they went to a Cinco de Mayo Party years ago. Since I didn't have a dress for the party Scylla said I could wear Charybdis' and helped me hem it as Charybdis was much taller then I am. Scylla is turning out to be a very nice sister. ~Arty Mouse

  17. We hope the celebration went well. You look lovely in that dress.

    We enjoyed the tour. The roses are all great, and we liked that Swamp Iris!

  18. We had fun seeing you at the Cinco de Mayo party Artemisia! Your garden makes us purr since it's so beautiful with sunbeams and flowers!


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