Thursday in the Garden with Socks

We are purring for our friend Butchy, he got some bad news from the vet. We thoughts a nice visit in our garden might cheer him and his family up.

This grasshopper has been making a meal off some of our flowers.

This wildflower came up in one of the beds at the Hummingbird Cottage. Mommy left it in there cause it was so pretty and cheerful.

The roses are putting on a show for us.

The Asters

Zinnias and pink roses.


More roses

The Hummingbird Cottage is a good place for a mancat to relax.

Spiderwort, we are lucky it grows wild in our yard.



  1. We are sure that Butchy loved the garden display. The roses at the cottage are so beautiful. They are doing a good job with their climbing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. All your blooms are gorgeous, as usual--but especially those glorious roses! Lovely!

    We're purring for Butchy too...We've been to the blog to offer purrs and purrayers, such difficult news.

  3. Wonderful Socks! Your garden is looking absolutely stunning! Me and Charlie know that your beautiful blooms will be of comfort to sweet Butch! Take care

  4. Your garden is stunning and looks so well tended and weed free compared to ours!

    We will purr for Butchy.

  5. I just KNOW that this lovely post has given Butchy something to focus on fur a bit. Very much nice of you to help him relax fur a bit.

  6. What beautiful flowers. I bet Butchy felt a whole lot better after seeing that.

  7. I just love how your garden is looking. Its so very beautiful and mum says she would love to sit out in it.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Hi Socks - what a great tour of the garden today. We were so sad when we read about Butchy's news from the vet - we hope that your garden tour cheered him and his mom up a little bit.

  9. That is such a nice way to cheer up our pal Butchy!

  10. Hi Socks ,,
    Your Garden lookz Bootiful~ We jus luvz your hummingbird cottage, da rosez look so Pretty against da blue sky ^..^ what a Great place to take a napz ^..^
    Purrz & Kissez ~


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