Tsarina Tuesday

I am admiring the garden today and trying to decide what my slaves, serfs, staff, er family should do next.

The raised bed doesn't require as much weeding as some of the others.

The Cactus Zinnias in various colors. I thinks they look nice and am making a note for Mommy to get more seeds next year.

Angel Trumpet and Purple Heart. I am ordering them to grow.

Close up of the Zinnias............
Now I am taking time to smell the roses.

Seeing if the plants need watering. This dirts is too dry. Mommy you needs to water this bed.

Surveying my kingdom.

Purple Lantana. It isn't as hardy as the pink Lantana we have, but it seems to be doing OK in the Butterfly Garden.

PS: We aren't going to get to visit much cause Mommy has something she refers to as a full plate scheduled for today. Does that mean she is going to eat a lot? Oh well I am digressing I wanted to let you know That A Cat Named Homer is asking for purrs for his doggie sister Ruby. ~Arty


  1. You're doing a great job, beautiful tsarina.

  2. Amazing Artemisia!! Yay for doing a brilliant job snoopervising your staffs!!! Your garden kingdom is flourishing beautifully!!

    Me and Charlie love the cup of plants!! Yay!! So cute!! Take care

  3. You are doing a great job of snoopervising there, Artemisia. We love what we think are beautiful carnations. We are hoping our Angel Trumpet is going to bloom this year too. It was so pretty last year and of course, you know we learned about it from your Mom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a great job of snoopervising, Artemisia.....your garden is looking lovely.


  5. You're looking darn cute today sweet Artemisia! Thanks for telling us about Ruby, we'll head that way.

  6. I love your garden and I hope your person does not eat too much!

  7. Miss Arty, you certainly keep your Humans on their toes! We took notes so we can better order ours around. Maybe you should visit and give us pointers!

  8. All the plants are lookin GOOD. We especially like the ruffley pink ones!

  9. My old cat used to sniff the flowers in the garden too. Your garden looks like it is doing well.


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