Tsarina Tuesday

 Silly Mommy thinks Daddy built the Hummingbird Cottage for her. Me and Socks know the truth Daddy built it for me and I am nice enough to share it with everyone else.

 The beds are purrfect for taking a dust bath in.

 And they make a pawsome place to hide.

You don't see me do you?


  1. I'm absolutely Blind !!!!
    Good hiding, my friends : )

  2. We are sure Dad made that cottage for you, but let's let Mommy think otherwise:) You sure are a beautiful addition to the hummingbird cottage.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Aww beautiful Artemisia and lovely Socks!! Me and Charlie think the hummingbird cottage is a purrfect place for you both! Yay!! Mum will just have to make do! LOL!! Take care

  4. We can't find you at all -- you ARE well-hidden! ;-)

  5. I don't see a thing, but my guess is that you look gorgeous!

  6. Hello my beautiful Tsarina mouse, can I come over and share the hummingbird cottage with you? A dust bath sounds very nice :-)

    ~your Prince Casper

  7. You're absolutely invisible, Artemisia ;-)

  8. Hi Artemisia. We think that is sweet of you to share the Hummingbird Cottage with everyone! It sounds like a great place! Next time maybe you can include a picture of you in it :)

  9. hee hee, we can't see you at all, Miss Mouse! The Baby loves dust baths too, one time she came in RED from the soil here. She got a BATH! With shampoo and everything. We'll have to pop over and try your dirt out soon.

  10. I'm sure you will be enjoying the hummingbirds darting by - what a treat for you each day!

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  11. Yes, it's all for you, darling! You take what you want.


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