Beaver War & Flower Show

Mommy spent yesterday putting tomato cages and leftover wire from when Daddy built the compost thing around as many plants as she could.  The Beaver attacked our Vitex and the Japanese Magnolia. The Beaver Guy came set snares today, so we are temporarily inside kitties.

We has FOUR post for the Flower Show (June 17th & 18th). We has put the program in the side bar. If you has submitted flowers please check to make sure your name is listed under one of the post and that the link is correct. If we made a mistake or left you out please let us know. We wants to include everyone.

Thanks, ~AFSS


  1. You have that Beaver Guy at your house??? Does he go around SINGING??? Do you get to call him JUSTIN???

    OMD... Look at the LIST of everybuddy who has sent their Flowers to you!!! I really REALLY hope that you have had fun with this. I just CAN NOT wait to see it all!!!

    My mom LOVES Gardenias!! She says they are Pretty and Smell good enough to EAT!!! You are sooooo lucky to have them blooming!!
    I want to THANK YOU fur hosting the Flower Show!!!

  2. We can't wait for the flower show, I bet it will be just beautiful. We put the badge on our sidebar with a link to your blog :-)

  3. We hope you can get that beaver issue resolved soon. They can really ruin a Flower Show - Thunder and Ciara would be glad to help out. Our link is correct, we have preposted one post for the flower show since we are going to be away. But Mom says she will do her best to help us read all the fun events for the picnic.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. We hope that guy gets the beaver! When there are a lot of plants to protect, you dont want ta have ta see cages evrywhere.

    The flower show link is correct fer us.

  5. Good luck with the beaver and the flower show!! Exciting times ahead!! Yay! take care

  6. We're listed and the link's fine...thanks! :-)


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