Flower Show Day 2 ~ The Pond

I thought we would start off visiting some of our friends flowers and then go down to the pond, some of you may even want to take a dip in the pond later cause it is in the 90's here.

Mayor Furter aka Frankie sent some flowers for The Flower Show, so I thoughts we could start with them.  He even managed to arrange a butterfly for our viewing pleasure.

Frankie said he thinks these are in the phlox family, whatever they are they sure are pretty.

 I had to ask Frankie what the pretty yellow flowers were cause I didn't have a clue and he says they are Blanket Flowers. I am going to have to insist that we grow some next year. They are drought tolerant so they should be a welcome addition to one of our flowerbeds and they looks so cheerful.

Frankie's butterfly sure does like these flowers.  You can catch up with Frankie at his blog Frankly Speaking.

Speaking of Frankie he has two gorgeous WIVES, Ruby & Penny and they brought these along. Sheesh who knew doggies could be so small. I thinks Scylla is as big as they are.

Ruby & Penny

My girlfriend MoMo lives in Australia. Guess what, their seasons are opposite ours in the States so while we are headed for a LONG HOT SUMMER they are getting ready for winter. MoMo sent some gorgeous flowers to share.

This is a Christmas Cactus.

The leaves on the Coleus are gorgeous notice the pretty colors and patterns, but the delicate blue blooms make this plant a real winner in my book.


White Roses

MoMo blogs at Mieow with help from her SS (Secretary Slave).

Bob and Sam blog @ Play Safe Dogs and Bob (Roberta) sent along one of the best looking dogwoods we have ever seen.

Be sure to visit their blog as they have some terrific tips on keeping safe.

Gizmo, Bart, and Ruby (Rottrover) have some of the most amazing flowers. They lives in California.

 Beavertail Cactus Bloom

 Cholla Bloom

 Unknown Succulent

I thinks these cacti and the succulent are absolutely amazing. Mommy says that some types of cacti you can eat. She got some at the grocery store one time for her and the boy beans to try and she said it was good once you got past the stickers.

And Sammie brought a whole field of wildflowers with her.
Sammie & Avalon live in Northern California, and they have been exploring their own backyard. From what we have seen of their blog they live in a beautiful area and we are looking forward to seeing more of their adventures.

Jonesie is President of The Society of Feline Gardners and blogs at Cory Cat Blog.  She sent us some flowers and they also did a post so be sure to check it out. There are 9 cats and their woofie Grete, + their humans of course.

Aren't these columbine lupine, and poppies gorgeous?

Now lets mossy down to our pond................................................

 Daddy planted some wildflowers on the back side of the pond.  Only a few have come up, we hopes one day it will have lots of company like the ones in Sammie's field.

The Geese Family enjoy the pond.

Keep an eye out for snakes, I thinks this is a Queen Snake.

Another wildflower

A crane

The pond has too many water lilies in it, but I thinks they are pretty.

I hope you enjoyed our Flower Show, with some wildlife thrown in for good measure. Please stay as long as you like, and if you would like feel free to take a dip in the pond.  For those of you new to our blog we do Thursday in the Garden every Thursday and lately we have been having a Wildlife Wednesday.  It was very nice to meet all you newbies and we so enjoyed our friends coming for a visit, do come again soon. ~Socks


  1. Hello everyone, I am sitting in the shade until someone needs me to show them around. ~Socks

  2. We are so impressed with all these flowers. The are so booTfull! We has to wait for our moose brother Hannibal to work up his nerves for the bug house. Geeez

    Sugar the Who

  3. Hi Socks and Arty, we came back for another wander around the flowers...and maybe we can play with that snake!

  4. Stunning flowers!!! Mom was a little eeky about the snake!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. The flowers are all beautiful. We like the cacti flowers. We think the flowers in the first photo with the butterfly sitting on them are Sweet Williams.

  6. Ruby and Penny are just adorable!!! Aren't they just gorgeous?!?! Awww yay for such a stunning display - magnificent phloxes, pretty blanket flowers, cactus, hibiscus, roses... wow!! Stunning!! Great to see the geese family too!!

    What a success!!! Take care

  7. I can NOT begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Flower Show.. Seeing flowers in a book is just not the SAME.. THE FLOWERS THAT YOU HAVE SHOWN US... ARE .... OUR.... FLOWERS. The ones that are in and around Our HOMES.. that makes them so much more Fragrant and Special.

    I am gonna go down to the pond now... and make sure that Royal Snake isn't there.. then I am gonna take Ruby and Penny down. I'll bet that water is cool and fresh!! I LOVE water Lilies by the way!!!

  8. Purrfect tour. We loved the flowers and MOST of the wildlife. Have a pawsome day.

  9. Hey Socks, Wonderful Flower Show !!! Mommy love the cactus,She said it's just look so amazing !!!
    Me, I do like the picture of snake ! but she look so big ! no wonder she is a queen !

    PS : I do post the meme you did pass on today ; )

  10. Wow, this whole flower show was supremely pawesome! I especially liked those cactus blooms... spikey yet pretty! Sammie's field was sure colorful. Thanks for hosting such a cool event!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. Everything is so beautiful. It was just the visual imagery I needed this afternoon to change my mood.

  12. We love seeing all these flowers!! So pretty!!

  13. We are so glad everyone could come by and enjoy the flowers. We are fixing to hit the sack but we hopes that anyone who wants to will continue to enjoy the gardens and grounds. ~AFSS

  14. We've loved the flower show! So many pretty flowers!

  15. Oh the Woman just loved the water lily! Those are some of her favorites!

  16. Amazing photofest. We're jealous of the green paws...

  17. Gorgeous blooms. Love the cacti!
    That was a most interesting flower show, thanks for hosting!

    I'll give the snake a miss.

  18. Awesome flowers. We didn't see ours though ...

  19. S'ok! We found ours! We had missed a post out! Fanks.

  20. We have had such a wunnerful time the past 2 days at your Flower Show! Evryone brought such pretty flowers, an there were so many we had never seen before (an would like ta plant in our own garden).

  21. Wow these pics are so lush and splendid! Thanks for providing some visual relief over here.


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