Hummingbird Cottage ~Flower Show Day 1 in the Afternoon

I (Artemisia) figured we would start off with the main attraction at the Hummingbird Cottage. That would of course be the Hummingbird. Our Mommy actually managed to catch him in flight. He is a very fast fellow and is constantly zipping around. If you are very quiet you can hear the beating of his wings, it makes a kind of humming sound.

I (Artemisia) has to apologize cause we don't have any furniture in the Hummingbird Cottage yet, but the stones are actually very nice to lay on and if you are small enough not to hurt the plants you can lay in the flower beds like I do.

Don't be shy there is plenty of room for every one to enjoy the cottage. And the roses smell divine, feel free to take some for your sweethearts.

We also has Coral Honeysuckle aka Trumpet Honeysuckle it is a native plant that the Hummingbirds like.

This Woodpecker has a nest in the Willow Tree, that is next to the Hummingbird Cottage. The Woodpecker is a very noisy bird and it chases me when I try to peek in it's nest.

Mommy planted a Passion Vine in with these roses.

As you can see we has a nice view of the Butterfly Garden and the pond from the Cottage. That huge Live Oak Tree is great for climbing. And it is very cool under it in the shade.

Mommy also planted these Dwarf Morning Glories in with the roses. She also planted Morning Glories and Moon Vine these bed may look like a jungle if everything comes up.

Mommy saw a lot of these  Bougainvillea in San Diego and fell in love with them, since they are a tropical she has it in a pot so it can live in the Greenhouse in the Winter.

And my favorite the Gaura.

Speaking of ROMANCE, I thinks France is very romantic and this thistle comes from France. The Poupounette Gang sent it over.
I just love the vivid purple color. For those of you unfamiliar with The Poupounette Gang they are a dog Tom, a horse Vidock and three cats Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan and Sei Chan you can visit them @ their blog The Poupounette.

My Prince Casper and his siblings sent these flowers for us to enjoy. They live in Toronto, Canada but their humans ran off to Hawaii to get married.

 Plumeria, this smells heavenly. Mommy likes the smell so much she has some Plumeria perfume called Forever Floral. Sadly she can't find it on the mainland or the Internet, so when the bottle she brought back from Hawaii runs out she will be out for good.

And we are most impressed with this Tulip Tree, we have never seen one before. It is gorgeous.  Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful flowers with us Prince Casper (my boyfriend), Jimmy, Archie & Ben you can visit them @ Cat's Cats.

And nothing says romance to a girl like getting cut flowers in a vase.

Asta brought these peonies with her for us to enjoy, they smells heavenly.   Asta is one of our dearest friends and one of the first bloggers we meet when we were getting started. We have been on lots of wonderful adventures with her.

George The Lad sent another peony along for us to enjoy it is called Bowel of Beauty.

I can certainly see how it got it's name, it is just beautiful, and it looks big enough for me to curl up and sleep in the middle of it.

Rubie who lives in South Australia sent these very exotic (at least to us Mississippi kitties) flowers.

Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lilies)
 Blood Lilly

Rubie had this to say about the Blood Lily, "
"Blood Lilly" - this variety is very old fashioned and extremely rare - we are fortunate to have saved some bulbs from our parents' 100 year old garden. It's botanical name is Haemanthus Coccineus - commonly called the Blood Flower, March Flower or April Fool!"
We feel very honored that Rubie shared it at our Flower Show.
 Rubie we just love your flowers, thank you for showing them to us.

Black Lilly (aka Devil's tongue or Snake Palm) Official name: Dracunculus Vulgaris. This is the most usual plant I have ever seen.
Our favorite Sib siblings The OP Pack came over along with these flowers.

Thunder & Ciara. 
Fenris has a crush on Ciara, but unfortunately she already has a boyfriend. But I thinks Fenris has a plan to get Ciara alone in the Hummingbird Cottage. 
I just loves a guy who brings me roses.
Corbin with rose
 Corbin blogs at Oh,Corbin and he has a foster sister named Oreo.

Feel free to hang out here as long as you like and enjoy the flowers. We will show you the Butterfly Garden in the morning and the pond in the afternoon tomorrow  and our friends have sent lots more flowers for your viewing pleasure, so be sure to come back by.  Scylla will be waiting for you at the faucet. ~Artemisia


  1. What amazing flowers! tons going on here today!!! :)

    Please drop by our bloggy on monday, 6.20.11, we are trying to introduce a very special friend in need of a home!

  2. Wow, what a pawesome group! Love the red trumpet and that black lily is really amazing! Can't wait for more!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. We will be sure to come by and visit Monday Hansel. It seems like so many cats and doggies are looking for homes these days.

    Sarge our friends sent so many amazing flowers, we are overdosing on the beauty and amazed at the variety.

  4. I am soooooo coool and relaxed after taking a Nap in your lovely hummingbird cottage. I feel totally refreshed now!! I think the beauty and fragrance of the roses and honeysuckle just put my lights right out!!
    It was HEAVENLY!!!
    I love the really X Otic plants and blossoms that our furends have sent fur us to enjoy!!

    PeeS... I Pawsonally think the H.B. cottage has all the "furniture" it needs!!! Can't be havin.. those two leggers taking over such a wonderful location.

  5. Awww wow!! Me and Charlie are so impressed by these gorgeous woofies and their flower offerings!! Beautiful - a feast for all the senses! Yay! take care

  6. You have a point Frankie, if Mommy gets the chaise lounger she wants for in there we will never get rid of her.

  7. We don't want our human to see this but can we come and live with you please? You have such a beautiful garden with lots of things to see and smell, it looks sooooo relaxing and we're very good at that. What do you think, we would earn our keep by helping with the digging ;-) Dexter & Louis xxx

  8. OK... now DON'T panic.. FENRIS is FINE... he is in FINE Paws.. with our NURSE..
    It seems he had a ... Maggie Mae.. thought... and took off fur the Emerg. Med. tent... and didn't QUITE clear the one Tent pole..
    I have a crew on the way to get THAT taken care of..
    AND Maggie Mae has ICE on Fenris' forehead. It is just a SMALL FLEA sized bump.
    I don't know why he keeps "falling back down" every time Nurse Maggie Mae tells him he can go.

  9. This is such a FUN Flower Show! We are having a wunnerful time looking and sniffin at them all. In fact, we are gonna try ta get TBT ta plant some of them in OUR yard!

  10. Just beautiful! I especially love George's Bowl of Beauty - it looks just perfect!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Don't you worry cuz I, Nurse Maggie Mae, is takin' very good care of Fenris. I am following your blog now so I can keeps my eye on him after da picnic too! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. MOL Frankie, we don't have a clue why Fenris keeps falling down either.

    Dexter & Louis, sure you can come live with us. You can only dig where Mommy tells you though.

  13. Maggie Mae, we are very relieved you are keep such a close eye on Fenris.

  14. Hey Fenris! Hmmm. Ciara, eh? You have good taste, my friend! But rumour has it that she is a bit of a pawful!

    Fabulous flowers ALL!


  15. Fenris is fine now... He is over at Pip's Brat House... Braggin to the guys about how he got Maggie Mae to ... Well, he's just Braggin and the tent is back up and all is fine. WHEW!!

  16. Frankie, We are glad to hear Fenris is OK and the tent is back up and um.........well we hope Fenris hasn't been too much trouble.

    Everybody we hopes you are having a good time. Now that it is getting dark the fire flies are coming out. Don't they look pretty. I thinks fire flies are very romantic. Who wants to sit in the Hummingbird Cottage and watch them with me? ~Artemisia

  17. Well, we iz sorry that we don't haz any flowers to show :( but we loved looking at your post! (Although there a few too many woofies--we liked the last picture best!)

  18. Look at everyone relaxing. I think I shall find a spot in the shade and rest...

  19. oh the flowers are so lovely and the grass so green I thinks I'll take a nap and try to digest so of those 87 brats I ates!



    Off to Pawty More! Tessa

  20. We absolutely love your hummingbird cottage! And all those flowers are so beautiful!!

  21. Wow, these are some awesome flowers! What a great idea to have a flower show. We see some we recognize, but lots that are new to us!

    The Road Dogs

  22. OMCOD!!! We made it! We see you Artemisia, We here,,,, we don't know how we got in and neither doez mom ???? it took awhile to load and it'z herky jerky but we were able to see both postz :))

    Efurythin iz soooo Beautiful ^..^ :) Really Pawsome Flower show ~

    Hope we can get back in ^..^

    Purrz ~

  23. Marks Mews sent us over and it's the best flower show ever! Such, exotics! Beautiful photos!

  24. Fantastic flowers!!

    {{{huggies}}}....Mona & Weenie

  25. Artemisia, you have GORGEOUS flowers to show off today...this is so much fun to wander and sniff(eat) all the flowers. Johnny says he'll keep off the plants and instead sit on that RUDE peckerbird so's you can explore his hidey-hole unmolested.


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