Mancat Monday

 I loves this bed. You can get one just like it at the Auction for Shell's Final Expenses. They has a lot of other neat stuff for you to bid on too. The Auction ends June 11th.

 Well Mommy finally did it, she got all three of us in ONE picture. She still hasn't managed to get a picture of all four of us together. It's not going to happen either. I mean Fenris is OK and everything, but well a picture of the four of us that isn't photoshopped just isn't in the cards, give it up Mommy.

I thought I would show you how alike my sister are. They are both mostly white and they both have white tips on their tails. And they are both very nosy. Although I agree it is time for Mommy to come in and feed us.  Do you see her yet? ~Socks


  1. We love the pics ~ although it would be great to see yoo all together, including Fenris.

  2. Hi Guys! Looks like you've found yourselves a nice comfy spot there, there are only two of us and our human has trouble getting us to sit still together so it must be impossible with 4! :-)
    Dex & Lou x

  3. Handsome Socks!! You have beautiful sisters!! Me and Charlie hope mum arrives soon to give you all your extra treats! Yay!!

    Take care

  4. Never say never, Socks - we bet Mom never thought she would get the three of you in one pic as nice as this one. We hope she came in soon to feed you.

    Wooos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Our mom knows it can be tough to get multiple kitties (and woofies) in the same shot. It was rare to get a shot of us boys and angel Annie at the same time. :-P

    So good job!

    The next challenge will be with Fenris, too...You never know. Miracles do happen...sometimes. LOL.

  6. Nice pics of you kitties together. Love that one of Scylla and Artemisia backs too.

    SS had trouble getting pics of me and my son together when he was still with us. So three together is just about as good as it gets. Four and one of them a woofie is, well, pretty impossible.

  7. Well, you know what "THEY" say...
    THREE's Cuddly and FOUR's a Crowd.

  8. What a great window to hang out in!

  9. hi Socks! We think the pictures are great - your mom just had to get Fenris to run into the picture really quick next time or something so she can get all 4 (we understand, it is impossible to get everyone at our house too!)

    We hope you did get your food right after that picture!

  10. That bed sure does look comfy Socks!!!

  11. We are going to try to think of something to lure you all together; maybe a giant flapping tuna fish?

  12. That's a nice picture of the three of you. The only way our mom would get a picture of the three of us together is to use photoshop. Or a miracle....


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