Scylla Sunday

 Fin over at Housecat Confidential often does a circus cat routine.

 Arty and I conferred about possible circus stunts we could preform. First we got on top of the jungle gym.

 We were temporarily distracted by some bird smells.

 Arty had an idea for a routine.

 I agreed to watch.

 Arty is balanced on the balcony rail. Dangerous dogs are gathered below. OK, it's just Fen, don't go getting scared for her or anything. He LOVES the munchkin for some reason and she is just as batty about him.

 She speeds around faster then light.

 Then before you know it she is back on the roof with me.

 I thought that was pretty impressive. I mean the rail is narrow.

 I am going to take a bath before I preform any stunts.

 Arty decided to practice her routine some more.

She is such a SHOWOFF.


  1. What a routine Arty has, it looks furry impressive.
    I's not sure I could handle that.
    I fink it is always good idea to bathe and be clean before purr-forming a circus routine.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. *Applause* *Applause*! Me and Charlie are so impressed with amazing Artemisia's amazing stunts! WOW!! What an action kitty!! Yay!!! Hello too gorgeous Scylla! Take care x

  3. Now that is a circus act we would love to see!


    And speaking of Grrrreat Job.. Your Flower Show was MORE than Grrrreat... It was Fabulous!!! I know Ruby and Penny and I took FULL advantage of it. It was a REAL FAVORITE at the picnic.
    You did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!

  5. Hello sweet Scylla! You two really did great up there!!! Nope, Lil Em and Sapphire have no place yet.

  6. It's ok to be showoff if you've got talent!!!! That was pawsome!

  7. I think this needs to be a catalympic routine!! Excellent!

  8. Arty, you just about gave Johnson a HEART ATTACK! He's coming right over to catch you if you fall. He's pretty well padded, if you know what we mean.

  9. this DEFINITELY qualifies as a "circus cat" routine in my book!

  10. What great balance you have! I thinks many kitties would come to see your act. Be safe up there. Purrs.

  11. Great Routine!!! and on the roof , you can see lots of lots of thing. I love to do that to. I can feel " Freedom " over there : )
    Have a great fun !

  12. Just don't run away to join the circus! OK?

  13. Wow, Scylla, you and Artemisia are very brave to do all that climbing, and don't you both look so pretty in the garden.

    We missed most of the fun of the picnic but we wanted to tell you that your flower show was spectacular. We never saw so many beautiful flowers in one place. Thank you for allowing us to be in our flower shots, we noticed that most of the pics didn't include the furries, we hope we didn't mess up the rules.

    We hope to be home later today and we will try to catch up on some of the picnic posts then.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. That looked like a really good running trick! Narrow rails can be real tricky at the corners...


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