Sleeping on Saturday

 The oregano seems to like this hot dry weather. The rest of our plants not so much. Mommy is struggling to keep the tomatoes alive. They never seem to have enough water. Not only is it scorching hot (think 90s and 100s) we has a hot dry wind blowing.

 Black-eyed Susan Vine


I is exhausted, it is just to hot to move I thinks I will be sleeping this Saturday.

Oh bother Fenris says I has to answer these questions first.

Do you think you’re hot?
If by hot you many absolutely adorable, stunningly sexy, ravishing, gorgeous etc. Then the answer is yes of course I am hot. Just ask my suitors or my boyfriend, Prince Casper. I am the hottest ticket in the cat blogosphere. It is also very hot here, so yes I am hot from the weather too.

I use the same wallpaper as Scylla.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat? Whenever Mommy cooked it last. I always get to sample whatever the beans had as long as it is OK for cats. My favorite people food is scrambled eggs.

The song(s) you’ve listened to most recently?
The music from Halo, there is no escaping it since Youngest Boy Bean is taking things easy because of his dislocated knee and spends zillions of hours playing Halo. Luckily I likes the music. Specially since he has the Halo soundtracks.

What were you thinking when you were doing this?
That I wanted to be napping.

Do you have any nicknames?
Of course I do. I is Arty Mouse, Arty, Mouse, Artemis, Itty Bitty Kitty, Cutie Pie, The Butt (Daddy is so rude), Mini Mini Meow Meow, Your Majesty, and some I forgot.   

Tag 8 blogger friends (tag you’re it)!
  1. Tiny Johnson from the Katnip Lounge (My #1 Suitor)
  2. Prince Casper (My Boyfriend)
  3. Herman (A Suitor)
  4. Merci from JFF 
  5. Mr Puddy
  6. Alfie
  7. Socks (My Brother)
  8.  Harley who blogs @ Daisy the Curly Cat & Harley Too! 

Who is listed as number 1? Tiny Johnson, he is my #1 Suitor and he lets me ride him around the yard.

Say something about number 5. He is a sweet guy.

How did you get to know number 3? He visited our blog

How about number 4? Same way they visited our blog.

Leave a message for number 6. I'll see you at the Society for Feline Gardners meeting.

Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2
That is easy since Prince Casper is my boyfriend. You are the most romantic Prince and I loves spending time with you in the Hummingbird Cottage.

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
They are both boy cats and they both has sisters. Harley has an older sister (Daisy) and Socks has two younger sisters (me and Scylla).


  1. Good job on your answers!!! Now you can catch your snooze!

  2. EXCELLENT answers to your questions. I have my thingy set to post tomorrow.
    What is UP with this wicked weather???

  3. Awwww beautiful Artemisia!! You are adorable super hot! Yay!!

    Me and Charlie hope your tomato plants survive and we hope for cooler weather for them! Yay! take care

  4. we always love seeing photos of your garden furriends!!! and that looks like a sweet spot to rest!

  5. So beautiful Artemisia!
    We love your lovely garden, and Mom wanted to tell you her butterfly bush is starting to perk up!
    Happy Caturday!

  6. Well with all that heat, I'm glad you have time to snooze in the cool air!

  7. hee hee! Johnny passed out from that SCORCHING photo, Miss Mouse. We'll tell him he's tagged when he comes to. Scrambled eggs? We'll have to try those.

  8. We like learning more about the gorgeous you :-)


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