Thursday in the Garden

 It is time for The Society of Feline Gardeners to meet. Before we head to the meeting we thought we would show you a few of our flowers. This is our cactus. We are not sure what kind it is but we love the pretty flower it produces.

 The front flower bed is looking nice.

 The zinnias have done really well this year. This is a Cactus Zinnia.

 Our Butterfly Bush.
 The Charybdis bed with some white zinnias blooming.

The Bottle Brush Bush. We love it's blooms and apparently the bees and wasp do too.

We are happy to report we has some baby watermelons growing. We will try to have our photographer take some pictures. She is very scatterbrained and forgets to take her camera outside half the time.

Now we are off to Jonesie's to catch up with all the other feline gardeners, would you like to come with us?

Before we go has promised to donate $10,000 to the ASPCA, when they get 10,000 likes on FACEBOOK go like them here, and help spread the word.

Also please consider entering our Flower Show, details here.

Everyone, thanks for purring for youngest boy bean. ~AFSS


  1. Oh wow -look at your cactus bloom!! How wonderful and so perfect!! Yay!!

    Love your bottlebrush bush too - such vivid reds in the greens!!

    Baby watermelons - sounds so yummy! Take care

  2. Isn't that cactus flower just so pretty! And Mom loves the bottle brush bush a lot. We hope your baby watermelons are very sweet.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That cactus bloom is stunning!

    Your gardens are lovely as always...You must have the most extensive gardens on the CB! That's a lot of work to do every week, so well done to all!

  4. Your flowers are just LOVELY.
    I will be SURE to take a few pics of MY flowers and send to you. I am sooooo happy that you are puttin on the Picnic Flower Show. There won't be any BEES Right? Just BUTTERFLIES!! hehehe

  5. Everything looks totally wonderful! I hope the boy bean is okay!!!

  6. Everything looks beautiful in your garden! I would love to send you some pics to be included in your flower show :-)

    What happened to boy he okay?

  7. Beautiful visit. We love cactus. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  8. What a lovely flower on your cactus! It all looks just wonderful in your garden.

  9. You guys always have such purty flowers!

  10. Hellos, it's me...Puddles!
    What an amazing garden your mom has...heck, we can't even gets grass to grow!
    Speaking of which...we can send in luverly weed fotos can't seriously.


  11. Oh my look at that purrty blooming catci! WOW it is stunning. Mom just got a butterfly bush and it is not doing too well, what is your secret? Everything in your garden looks so beautiful and watermelon oh yipee that is a great fruit!


  12. my favorite photo is the cactus flower at the top. The tips almost look like a kaleidoscope. (Can't believe I spelled that correctly too lol)

  13. Your garden is coming on very nicely. Love the cactus flower. It's beautiful!

    We have a hugh bottlebrush in our yard - no blooms right now though.

    Not sure if we would have any flowers by June 15.

  14. We like your front flower bed. When we try to put just a few differnt flowers together like that, it doesnt werk!


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