Thursday in the Garden

First we wants to invite you to submit pictures for our Flower Show, details here.

We always forgets the password but we thinks it is 3 paw taps. Anyway this is our report for the Society of Feline Gardeners. Be sure to visit Jonesie to find out what everyone else has growing.

 Vitex, the honeybees just love it.

 Butterfly Bush

 The bed we made for Charybdis looks pretty with the white zinnias blooming in it.

 Bottlebrush, isn't it gorgeous when it is blooming.

 View of Whiskers' grave

 The pink lantana is a mass of blooms.

 Mommy thinks the sunlight hurts my eyes cause I always squint in the sunshine and sometimes I act like I can't see them. I will stand in the yard and holler until they call me and then I comes to them. Dr. Lisa (my Vet) checked my eyesight and said everything was OK, so Mommy doesn't know why I do this. Artemisia thinks I don't know she is under the azaleas ready to pounce on me.

 And we are both really aggravated with the Mocking Birds. They has been chasing us and harassing us and are very MEAN to us.

 Artemisia has to hide under stuffs until one of the beans comes to escort her home so she doesn't get attacked by BIRDS.

~Scylla reporting


  1. Look at your gorgeous garden!! All is flourishing nicely! The bottlebrush is lovely and the lantana is so pretty!! Awww me and Charlie do like the lantana blooms!

    Thank you for showing us around your gorgeous garden, sweet Scylla and lovely Artemisia! Watch out for these birdies now - hopefully they will calm down soon!! Take care

  2. Your garden is looking really wonderful. Summer is such a great time to be strolling and gardening. We especially like the beds of the beloved cats who have gone to the Bridge ~ they are such a beautiful reminder of them.

  3. Your garden is beautiful.
    It's really insulting to be attacked by birds rather than the other way around.

  4. Your garden looks spectacular!

    We're glad your eyesight is okay...Tell your mom not to worry then. :-)

    The mom wants to know if you've ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." LOL!!

  5. P.S. The mom keeps meaning to send a flower pic for your show, then keeps forgetting. Duh. Sorry!

  6. Mom is all happy to see the bottle brush and lantana since they were in her yard when she was a tot.

    I've got to work with my mom to send you flower photos for the show. So much is in bloom right now that she has no excuse to not help me.

  7. Well we understand all about Moms and how difficult it is to get them to do the simplest things for us.

    Mommy read "The Birds" and has seen part of the movie. It creeps her out.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's flowers. ~Scylla

  8. Artemisia, I am very brave, and I can come right over to protect you from those nasty mockingbirds, and escort you anywhere you need to go!!!

    ~your prince,

  9. Hello sweetie Scylla, thank you for such a wonderful tour today!

  10. Your Butterfly bush is different from mine. Mine is just getting ready to bloom... BRIGHT ORANGE. I'll try to get a nice pic and send to you... butt not fur the flower show beclaws... I already sent that. WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!! I can't wait to see THAT.
    It reminds my mom of when
    Ameriflora was in Columbus in 1992! My mom says she kept the interstate HOT that whole summer!!! She says that she sometimes went there 6 times a WEEK

  11. Hi Scylla! The garden is looking beautiful! We think that maybe you squint and keep your eyes shut because the sun is so darn bright - our human mom is the same way without sunglasses on - it isn't an eye problem she is just more sensitive - you sound the same way. We are sorry the mocking birds are so mean - we knew they could be mocking but mean just goes too far!

  12. We think you have your mummy trained to come carry you!

  13. This is Henry, the Outdoor Boy:

    Those mockerburds are the PITS! They bug me too.

  14. Such pretty flowers! We enjoy seeing them.

  15. Our hummingbirds are very aggressive too! And don't get me started on the Mockingtons!


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